Strafford County Police Departments

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Department Frequency Tone ID Notes
Barrington 156.0300R NAC-ABE 900's Disp by Strafford
Dover 151.0625R NAC 117 Disp by Self
Durham 159.0675R NAC 117 100's Disp by Self days (Strafford nights)
UNH/Durham Patrol
UNH Security
NAC 293
PL 136.5
Disp by UNH Communications Center
Farmington 154.7250R NAC-527 800's Disp by Strafford
Lee 156.0300R NAC-ABE "Lee" Disp by Strafford
Madbury 154.7250R
NAC-527 400's Disp by Strafford
Middleton 154.7250R NAC-527 500's Disp by Strafford
Milton 154.7250R NAC-527 300's Disp by Strafford
New Durham 154.7250R NAC-527 200's Disp by Strafford
Rochester 159.4050R NAC-117 40's Disp by Self
Rollingsford 156.0300R NAC-ABE 700's Disp by Strafford
Somersworth 155.8800 136.5 - Disp by Self
Strafford 156.0300R NAC-ABE 600's Disp by Strafford
(SOUTH) TOWNS CH1 ALL P25 156.0300R  NAC-ABE  (SOUTH)TOWNS BACK UP IS 154.7250R P25 NAC-527 
(NORTH) TOWNS CH1 ALL P25 154.7250R  NAC-527