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Scanner Feed Host

All Cape Cod feeds except for the Aviation Feed are hosted at the Radio Reference Website. The direct link to the page is Thanks to Lindsay Blanton and Gordon Edwards of Radio Reference for providing this free service for feeds. The aviation feed is hosted at LiveATC. Search for KHYA to listen to it, and check out the many other great aviation feeds available there as well. Thanks to Dave Pascoe of LiveATC for hosting!

Feed Links

Feed Hardware and Software

Main Feed: Police/Fire/EMS/Military

  • Hardware: Uniden BCT15X Scanner
  • Software: ProScan Radio Feed
  • Host: Radio Reference
  • Text Tags: Yes
  • Cape Feed Scanlist

MA State Police Troop D Feed: MSP Troops D2, D3, and D7 (Southeastern MA and Cape Cod)

  • Hardware: Uniden BCT8 Scanner
  • Software: ProScan RadioFeed
  • Host: Radio Reference
  • Text Tags: Yes

Cape Cod Civil Aviation Feed: Scanning several aviation frequencies used in the Cape Cod area.

  • Hardware: Radio Shack PRO-2067
  • Software: ProScan RadioFeed
  • Host: Live ATC
  • Text Tags: No

Cape Area Maritime Feed

  • Hardware: Uniden BC780XLT
  • Software: ProScan RadioFeed
  • Host: Radio Reference
  • Text Tags: Yes

Computer System

  • Dell Inspiron 3646 Quad Core Pentium
  • Windows 8.1 64 bit
  • 4 Gigabytes RAM
  • 1 internal and 3 external (USB) Sound Cards
  • ProScan RadioFeed Software

Miscellaneous Info and Acknowledgements


  • 1. I am not responsible for anything you are hearing on the feed. The maritime feed may occasionally contain harsh language.
  • 2. With the Radio Reference feeds there is a delay of about 10 seconds from the time the scanner receives the audio until the time you hear it. This is inevitable due to the processing and transferral of the signal.
  • 3. Remember, you are listening to scanners via these feeds. Unfortunately you don't have control of stopping them for the "hot" calls. No way around that one, sorry!
  • 4. While I will be happy to provide answers (if I have them) to routine questions regarding this service I can not and will not offer much if anything in the way of software support. If you are experiencing problems you will need to do the necessary research to discover and eliminate the problem. Again, when the problem is on my end for whatever reason, I will make every effort to post an explanation on the message board at the website.
  • 5. Enjoy! Please E-Mail me with any comments.