Nearby Canada

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Nearby Canada

  • Canada has a 759 mile (1,221 km) border with Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec border New England.
  • This page will cover systems from across the border easily monitorable in Northern New England.
  • This page is initially preliminary and will be further built in due time.
Table of contents -

Maritimes Public Safety Radio Network

  • Please visit the MPSRN page here at Scan New England.

RENIR - National Integrated Radio Network

  • Quebec Province Wide radio network
  • Please visit the RENIR page here at Scan New England.

Conventional Frequencies and Radio Systems

  • More Coming Soon! If you have any identified , please feel free to submit them to us!

Canadian Maritime Weather

  • Specific weather channels for marine use in Canada
  • Heard along the coast during tropo.
  • Confirmation not needed as there are multiple transmitters and it would be difficult to disseminate.
Frequency Notes
161.6500 CH8
161.7750 CH9
163.2750 CH10