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State of Maine Portal


Municipal Trunk Systems in Maine

List of Municipal Trunk Systems in Maine

Maine Statewide Pages

  • State Police operate on MSCOMMNET along with several other state agencies.
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MSCOMMNET Maine State Communications Network
Portland Municipal Trunk
Maine State Agencies - MSP, Marine Patrol, Warden Service, DEP, EMS, Fire
Maine Turnpike Authority
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Department of Corrections (DOC)
Emergency Management & CONOPS Interoperability Plan
Forest Service & State Parks
AMR Ambulance in New England
Maine Hospitals
Maine Colleges
Maine Private Schools
Railroads in Maine
Maine Military
USN Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard ME Trunk System
USN NCTS Cutler Trunk System
Maine Commercial Utilities
Central Maine Power
Maritime Licenses
US Coast Guard (USCG) 1st District
Maine Recreational Facilities and Events
Maine Malls and Shopping Centers
Maine Business Radio Systems
Commercial Trunks In Our Area
Maine Taxis
Maine Media and Fire Buff
Maine Fire Tone Outs

Maine Live Feed Information