Kent County Fire Departments

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Countywide Information


  • Towns in Kent County RI are covered by RISCON-North/South
  • All EMS in RI is Provided by the Municipalities
INTERCITY CHANNEL Frequency Tone NOTES Confirmation/ReConfirmations
RI STATEWIDE INTERCITY 154.2800 CSQ Statewide - Simplex

Town Name Freq. Type Tone/Talkgroup District/Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Coventry 453.1250 R D546 Dispatch/Operations (Includes Hopkins Hill FD) 2021.01.04 W1KNE
Coventry RISCON T TG:1480 Dispatch - simulcast with 453.1250 See RISCON for confirmation.
Coventry 453.3375 R D703 West Coventry Dispatch/Operations 2021.04.18 W1KNE
Coventry 453.7375 S D546 Coventry Fireground
East Greenwich 155.2425 R D731 East Greenwich FD 2021.01.24 W1KNE
East Greenwich 151.1900 S 131.8 East Greenwich Fireground 1
East Greenwich 156.0075 S 131.8 East Greenwich Fireground 2
Warwick 153.7700 S 103.5 Simulcast from RISCON TG: 1162 2021.04.18 W1KNE
Warwick 154.3100 R 162.2 Former Dispatch/Operations 2016.05.05 ecps92
Warwick RISCON T TG:1162 Dispatch See RISCON for confirmation.
Warwick RISCON T TG:1170 Fireground 1 See RISCON for confirmation.
Warwick 160.5450 R 182.2 Fireground (On-Scene Repeater) 2017.01.10 PFD1993
West Greenwich 460.6125 R D261 Hianloland Station (Repeats 46.3800) 2021.01.24 W1KNE
West Greenwich 453.2875 R D265 West Greenwich Station (Repeats 46.3800)
West Warwick 154.4300 R 107.2 Dispatch/Operations 2021.01.04 W1KNE
West Warwick 154.8750 R 71.9 Ch.02 2021.05.30 trp