Hillsborough County Sheriff Department

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The Office of the Hillsborough County Sheriff is a law enforcement agency that provides prompt, professional and courteous service to the citizens of Hillsborough County. The mission of the Office is to be responsive to the needs of the county’s citizens; utilizing a team-oriented and professional approach.

In 2001 the Sheriff's Office's statewide became responsible for the security for prisoners held in the District Courts. The Sheriff's Office met these new responsibilities, while still retaining responsibility for all aspects of security at the two County Superior Courts.

The communications division continues to provide emergency dispatch services twenty-four hours per day, every day, supplying radio and telephone communications not only for the Sheriff's Office, but for several communities in the County as well.

In addition, the Office is active in assisting other law enforcement agencies at the local, state, county and federal levels.

Frequency Tone Notes
155.5200R NAC-117 & PL-136.5 Sheriff Operations / Local Police Dispatch
154.6500 PL-146.2 Sheriff, Base Simulcast
460.0500R PL-136.5 County Corrections

County Unit Identifiers

ID Agency
S-## Hillsboro County Sheriff's Office
Lincoln-## Litchfield Police Department
140-149 Hancock Police Department
300-399 Francestown Police Department
500-599 Temple-Greenville Police Department
600-699 Lyndenborough Police Department
900-999 New Ipswich Police Department
13-## Greenfield Police Department
26-## Peterboro Police Department