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|Tuftonboro||154.8600'''R'''||NAC-117||260-269||DB: Sheriff
|Tuftonboro||154.8600'''R'''||NAC-117||260-269||DB: Sheriff
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
|Wakefield||155.9100||PL 136.5||270-289||DB: Sheriff
|Wakefield||155.9100||PL 136.5||29-X||DB: State Police
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|- align="center"
|Wolfeboro||155.6100||NAC-117||300-399||DB: Self
|Wolfeboro||155.6100||NAC-117||300-399||DB: Self

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Department Frequency Tone Unit ID's Notes
Albany 154.8600R NAC-117 Covered by Sheriff
Bartlett 154.8600R NAC-117 100-124 DB: Sheriff
Brookfield 155.9100 PL 136.5 Covered by Wakefield
Chatham 154.8600R NAC-117 Covered by Sheriff
Conway 155.6400R NAC-817
PL 114.8
700-799 DB: Self
Eaton 154.8600R NAC-117 Covered by Sheriff
Effingham 154.8600R NAC-117 150-159 DB: Sheriff
Freedom 154.8600R NAC-117 160-169 DB: Sheriff
Harts Location 154.8600R NAC-117 Covered by Sheriff
Hales Location 154.8600R NAC-117 Covered by Sheriff
Jackson 154.8600R NAC-117 240-249 DB: Sheriff
Madison 154.8600R NAC-117 170-179 DB: Sheriff
Moultonborough 155.4300
PL 136.5
PL 225.7
DB: State Police (Night)
Local Fire Tie
Ossipee 154.8600R NAC-117 200-229 DB: Sheriff
Sandwich 155.9100 PL 136.5 25-X DB: State Police
Tamworth 154.8600R NAC-117 230-239 DB: Sheriff
Tuftonboro 154.8600R NAC-117 260-269 DB: Sheriff
Wakefield 155.9100 PL 136.5 29-X DB: State Police
Wolfeboro 155.6100 NAC-117 300-399 DB: Self