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Boston E.M.S.

The following table shows the new channel naming scheme after narrow-banding of frequencies.

Channel/Use Frequency / Talkgroup Type Tone Use Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Tactical 1 462.9750 R D072 Citywide Dispatch 2021.02.12 ecps92
Tactical 2 458.1375 S D311 Low Power On Scene 2013.02.12 Investigator16
Tactical 3 462.9500 R D143 Incident Operations 2021.02.12 ecps92
Tactical 4 458.0625 S D343 Low Power On Scene
Tactical 5 460.5500 R N112 Tactical Channel (Digital) 2014.03.13 ScanBoston
Tactical 6 453.7750 R D244 Tactical Channel 2021.02.12 ecps92
Tactical 7 460.5250 R D131 Tactical Channel (Alt Dispatch) 2021.02.12 ecps92
BFD 13 486.2000 S D243 Fire - EMS on scene communications
BAMA Ops 453.1000 R D165 Private Amb. Interops-BAMA Operations (Analog) 2021.02.12 ecps92
BAMA Ops 453.1000 R N444 Private Amb. Interops-BAMA Operations (Digital)
Paging 155.0400 S CSQ Paging 2019.03.26 ecps92
Disaster Net 155.2800 S CSQ Hospital Disaster Net (Not always simulcast) 2012.06.05 N1BHH
Disaster Net 155.1150 S N004 Hospital Disaster Net (Not always simulcast) 2012.06.05 N1BHH
Radio Techs A 470.0750 R D365 BEMS Radio Shop (Analog) 2018.12.26 ecps92
Radio Techs D 470.0750 R N291 BEMS Radio Shop (Digital) 2012.04.01