York County EMS

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  • Stewart's EMS is contracted for E911 EMS Coverage to Berwick, Eliot, and Kittery.
  • North East is the state's largest private ambulance service and is primarily a transfer service in York County. They do provide E911 EMS coverage to some towns in the mid-coast area. Dispatched remotely from Bangor via the MEDCOMM DMR system.
  • Sacopee Rescue covers the Kezar Falls area (Porter & Parsonsfield), Cornish, Hiram, and Baldwin.
  • York Ambulance Association covers South Berwick and York, and Rollinsford, NH. Ambulances 1, 2, 3, and 5 are headquartered at 15 Salisbury Ave in York, and cover the Town of York, and are dispatched by York PD on York FD primary (154.2650). Ambulance 4 is headquartered at the South Berwick FD and covers South Berwick, ME and Rollinsford, NH. A4 is dispatched by Sanford RCC on South Berwick FD primary (156.2175).
  • All other communities are covered by fire department based or non-affiliated EMS agencies and are dispatched on local fire department channels.
  • Life-Flight of Maine helicopters are based in Bangor, Lewiston and Sanford and are remotely dispatched by MEDCOMM from Bangor. Landing zone coordination with local agencies often takes place on Maine State Fire (154.3100). A statewide UHF repeater system is used for flight-following. The Boston Med-Flight repeater system (460.8000) is also used during flights to Boston. Aircraft can be monitored at a great distance on the Med-Flight repeater input frequency.

Agency Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
Hospital Call-in Channels 155.3250 S CSQ So Maine Med Center Biddeford 2012.04.24
Hospital Call-in Channels 155.3250 S 100.0 Goodall Hospital Sanford
Hospital Medical Notification 468.1250 D 151.4 Goodall Hospital Sanford (Ambulances) 2014.07.04 nhfirefighter
Hospital Medical Notification 463.1250 D 151.4 Goodall Hospital Sanford (Hospital) 2014.07.04 nhfirefighter
Hospital Call-in Channels 155.3250 S 103.5 York Hospital
Life-Flight of Maine 453.6500 R 103.5 Repeater sites include: Mt. Washington, NH,Streaked Mtn., Buckfield, Mt. Hope, Sanford 2018.07.08 ecps92
Maine State EMS 155.3850 S CSQ Statewide MCI/Disaster Tactical
MEDCOMM 151.9250 R C14 SL:1 TG:20 - Ambulance Dispatch; extensive use of Private Call 2022.10.30 W1KNE
MEDCOMM 151.9250 R C14 SL:1 TG:23 - ??? 2020.09.28 JBolduc
MEDCOMM 451.7750 D 203.5 Life Flight 4- Dispatch 2023.06.11 schwab
MEDCOMM 456.7750 D Life Flight 4- Helo 2023.06.11 schwab
Sacopee Rescue 155.7450 R 118.8 Primary (SP Augusta Dispatch-York County VHF System) 2020.09.12 schwab
Stewart's EMS 155.1150 R 192.8 Eliot and Kittery (Kittery PD primary) 2023.06.11 schwab
Stewart's EMS 155.5575 R 110.9 Berwick (Berwick FD primary) 2023.06.11 schwab
York Ambulance Assn. 156.2175 R 192.8 South Berwick/Rollinsford Operations (SBFD primary) 2023.06.11 schwab
York Ambulance Assn 155.2350 S 103.5 Pagers (York) 2014.07.02 schwab
York Ambulance Assn 154.2650 R 97.4 Operations (York Fire primary) 2023.06.11 schwab