Worcester County Sheriff Department

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Worcester County Sheriff

  • Worcester County Sheriff does not provide police services to communities, they do however provide K-9s and a mobile communications command post and prisoner transport vans as needed to the communities.
  • Worcester County Sheriff does do civil process (paper serving, etc.)
  • House of Correction/Jail is located in West Boylston
Facility Frequency Type Tone Other Info Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
MSP TRS T TG: 37168 2014.03.03 jeffkett
Countywide F1 37.2000 192.8 Transport, etc. moved to trunk?
Countywide F2 37.3600 192.8
HOC/JAIL 453.7125 R NB3B Facility Maintenance 2021.05.03 Jbolduc
HOC/JAIL 458.5125 ?
HOC/JAIL 460.1125 R ? Repeats 37.2000
HOC/JAIL 460.1875 R ?
HOC/JAIL 460.3375 R NC5C Perimeter checks, gates. May be external security 2021.01.12 W1KNE
HOC/JAIL 460.3375 R D732 2012.08.09 ecps92
HOC/JAIL 460.3625 R NA1A 2020.12.20 ecps92
HOC/JAIL 460.4375 R ?
HOC/JAIL 460.4875 R ?