Windham County CT Fire Departments

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Countywide Information

  • The majority of Windham county is dispatched by Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications
  • All QV member departments have access to and usually operate on the below frequencies
  • QV Member departments are denoted by a "QV", Putnam Dispatch is denoted by "WA".
  • All departments all have access to an additional Fireground, Repeater, and X-band Repeater that all have department specific PL's
  • Many departments also operate their own UHF or VHF channels for talkaround and crossband purposes.
  • A list of companies is located at the bottom of the frequency chart.
  • Some overlap occurs with Station TN (Tolland County)
Table of contents -

Department Frequency Information

Community Frequency Type Tone Notes/Comments Confirmation/ReConfirmation
Killingly (QV) 154.3850 - 118.8 Danielson Fire
Killingly (QV) 453.4375 R 151.4 33.9000 Link
Kilingly (QV) 851.7750 R 179.9 Dayville X Band
Putnam (WA) 159.1275 R 156.7 Putnam City Main 2023.01.22 Lynskey85
Putnam (WA) 154.3550 S 156.7 Putnam City Secondary/Fireground 2023.01.22 Lynskey85
Putnam (WA) 153.8300 S 156.7 Putnam City Fireground
Sterling (QV) 453.3625 R - 33.9000 Link
Thompson (QV) 153.9500 - 127.3 Fireground
Thompson (QV) 154.2200 - 127.3 Quinebaug Ch. 1
Thompson (QV) 154.4300 - 127.3 Quinebaug Ch. 2
Thompson (QV) 159.1950 R D074 Townwide Repeater (backup fire ops)
Windham 33.6400 - 179.9 Operations 2023.04.09 W1KNE
Windham 460.6250 R 186.2 Willimantic Operations 2023.02.13 W1KNE
Windham 453.7250 R D114 Willimantic 2020.05.05 Friends of SNE / ecps92
Windham 460.5750 R Willimantic
Woodstock (QV) 453.2375 - 203.5 Muddy Brook Interior Ops
Woodstock (QV) 155.7750 - D023 Townwide VHF ops

Department Fire Company Information

Stations 90 & 92
90-Mortlake Fire Dept
92-East Brooklyn Fire Department
Station 93
93-Canterbury Fire Department
Station 9
09-Chaplain Fire Department
Station 5
Station 71
71-Eastford Fire Department
KB Ambulance
Station 25
Station 12
12-Hampton Fire Department
KB Ambulance
Stations 60 thru 65
60-Williamsville Engine Company
61-Danielson Fire Department
61-KB Ambulance Corps
62-Attawaugan Fire Department
63-Dayville Fire Company
64-East Killingly Fire Department
65-South Killingly Fire Department
63-Dayville Fire
Stations 94 thru 97
94-Moosup Fire Department
95-Plainfield Fire Department
96-Atwood Hose Company
97-Central Village Fire Company
Station 70
70-Pomfret Fire Department
KB Ambulance
Stations 78 & 79(QV)
78-Putnam City Fire Department
78-Putnam EMS
79-East Putnam Fire Department
Station 16
16-Scotland Fire Department
Station 67 & 68
67-Sterling Fire Department
68-Oneco Fire Department
Stations 81 thru 85
81-Community Fire Company (PL 110.9)
82-West Thompson/Mechanicsville Fire Department(PL 79.7)
83-Quinebaug Volunteer Fire Department (PL 218.1)
84-Thompson Hill Fire Company (PL 97.4)
85-East Thompson Fire Department (PL 67.0)
Putnam EMS
Stations 1, 3, and 4
Station 75 thru 77
75-Muddy Brook Fire Department (PL 74.4)
76-Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department (PL Unknown)
77-Bungay Fire Brigade (PL Unknown)