Washington County EMS

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Department Frequency Information

Department Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Cherryfield EMS 154.9950 R 151.4 2021.08.29 LTE4NFD
Downeast EMS 153.2150 R 107.2 Cooper Mtn (Licensed to PCT Comm}. Eastport/Lubec Division 2021.08.28 LTE4NFD
Machias EMS 154.1150 R 107.2 2021.08.28 LTE4NFD
Moosebec EMS & Pleasant River EMS 154.9950 R 179.9 2021.08.28 LTE4NFD

Reconfirm and added info Downeast EMS, added Cherryfiedl, Machias, Moosebec & Pleasant River