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Sullivan County is in the western part of the State. The County was named after General John Sullivan, a commander in the Revolutionary Army. General Sullivan later served as Attorney General 1782/86 and then served 2 terms as Governor (president of the state)1786/88 and 1788/90. Sullivan County consist of 528 Square miles that encompass 14 towns and one city.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office is located in the County seat, at Newport NH. and occupies the same building as the Superior Court, County Attorney's Office, County Commissioners Office, and several other County agencies. This shared space keeps the judicial and executive branches of county government accessible to the citizens of the county. An attribute to citizen orientated county government, for which Sullivan County is known for.

In New Hampshire, the Sheriff's authority reaches throughout and within the boundaries of the State. The High Sheriff of the County is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for their respective county.

The Sheriff's Office shares jurisdiction with local law enforcement agencies within the county. The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office main area operation is the City of Claremont and the 14 towns comprising the County and it's 43,742 person population. The towns consist of: Acworth Charlestown Cornish Croydon Goshen Gratham Langdon Lempster Newport Plainfield Springfield Sunapee Unity Washington

The high Sheriff carries out his duties with the assistance of Deputy Sheriff's appointed by the Sheriff at the start of each two year term
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