Strafford County Sheriff Department

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  • Dispatcher will Simulacst BOLOS on Both Frequencies
  • See Strafford County Police page for unit IDs.
  • See Strafford County Fire page for local FDs dispatched by Strafford County
Description Frequency Type Tone Notes/Comments Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
North Repeater 154.7250 R N527 SO & Local PDs 2023.08.20 pdurf
South Repeater 155.7975 R NABE SO & Local PDs 2023.04.06 ecps92
South Repeater (former) 156.0300 R NABE Inactive or possible reserve/tactical use 2012.07.28
Sheriff Fire/EMS Dispatch (former) 154.7250 R D346 Inactive 2012.07.28
County Jail (Dover) 155.1300 R 167.9 Jail Ops 2016.03.24 schwab
Courthouse (Dover) 154.0025 R 136.5 2016.10.13 LTE4NFD