Somerset County EMS

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Department Frequency Information

Department Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Delta Ambulance 155.1150 R 103.5 2023.10.22 schwab
Dexter's Mayo Ambulance Need Info
Jackman Regional Ambulance 155.2950 S 118.8 Hospital Based 2017.08.01 lte4nfd
Sebasticook Valley Ambulance 155.4000 S 167.9 Amb-Hosp Notifications
Sebasticook Valley Ambulance 155.1000 ?
Somerset County 155.3550 D072 Dispatch 2017.08.01 lte4nfd
Somerset County 155.9025 118.8 Redington-Fairview EMS and Upper Kennebec Valley Ambulance Dispatch 2023.10.22 schwab