Rhode Island Emergency Managment

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Rhode Island Emergency Managment

  • RI-EMA operates on the RISCON trunk system.
  • RI-EMA STARS Network 154.2650 S D-606 Ch.01
  • RI-EMA STARS Network 154.2650 S NAC 645 Ch.02
  • formerly RI-EMA STARS Network 148.2500 S NAC 293


Frequency Type Tone Use FCC Callsign/System Confirmation
45.4400 S 71.9 EAS Transmissions KWL311 2020.12.18 XHE1N (SNE Submitter)
158.8575 R D031 Siren Activation WPPZ696 2021.02.07 W1KNE
800 Mhz T TG: 10211 Simulcast of 158.8575 On the RISCON Trunk 2009.10.01 W1KNE

In 2009, the Providence Emergency Managment Agency, along with the RI-EMA,
and Johnson & Wales University installed a new outdoor warning system.
The Port of Providence Emergency Siren Warning System (PPESWS) went online 10/23/2009.

More info on the Sirens [PPESWS] can be found here

There are 4 sirens in total.

  • Pro-Met (Public St. & Allens Avenue)
  • Engine 13 (Ernest St. & Allens Avenue).
  • Johnson & Wales harborside campus.
  • Exxon/Mobile (Pawtucket Ave & Wheeler St, East Providence).