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Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications

  • Regional 911 and Fire/EMS dispatch center serving much of northeast Connecticut
  • Located on Wescott Rd. in Danielson Connecticut at the CSP Troop D barracks
  • Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communitcations Website
  • Special Thanks to Greg Lynskey (lynskey85)
  • QV has talkgroups on CLMRN. Please see frequencies below for patches.
Table of contents -

Radio Information

Low Band/VHF Paging

  • QV members have access to both minitors or alpha pagers
  • Also note, Several other regional dispatch centers use 33.8000 179.9 for their dispatching. Depending on your location you may also hear Station WW (Willimantic area), KX (Colchester Area), TN (Tolland County), and more.
Frequency Type Tone Use Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
33.8000 179.9 QV Dispatch Tone Dispatch (for Minitors) 2023.02.13 W1KNE
152.0075 CSQ QV Dispatch Alpha Page Dispatch
33.7600 R 179.9 QV Fireground 76 Fireground Operations 2022.05.08 W1KNE
33.9000 179.9 QV Fireground 90 Fireground Operations 2023.04.09 W1KNE
33.8800 179.9 QV EMS 88 EMS Operations 2022.04.17 W1KNE

UHF System

  • UHF Plan is same for north and south, except that channels 4 and 11 are inverted from the below list on the Center, South, Southwest Zone.
Frequency Type Tone Channel Number-Use Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
453.3750 R 123.0 01-UHF 453 North Northern Simulcast (Patched to CLMRN TG:8751) 2023.01.25 Lynskey 85
460.6000 R 192.8 02-UHF 460 South Southern Simulcast (Patched to CLMRN TG:8752) 2023.01.25 Lynskey 85
453.4625 R 118.8 03-Killingly Cross Band 2023.01.23 W1KNE
453.5875 R 151.4 04-Hampton Cross Band CH 11 on C, S, SW Zone 2022.07.09 ecps92
452.1875 S 103.5 05-TAC 05
458.4125 S 179.9 06-TAC 06
465.5875 S 179.9 07-TAC 07 Fire Police
458.1125 S 179.9 08-TAC 08
458.1375 S 179.9 09-TAC 09
453.3375 R 179.9 10-Plainfield Simulcat
463.1875 R 118.8 11-Griswold Cross Band CH 04 on C, S, SW Zone 2023.02.13 W1KNE
453.5375 R 151.4 12-Buckley Hill (Thompson), CT
453.7500 R 179.9 13-Colchester Simulcast 2020.04.23 RIBBN92
463.3750 R 151.4 14-Pumpkin Hill (Mystic), CT N, NW, W Zone Only
453.7875 R 151.4 14-Salem Cross Band C, S, SW Zone Only 2020.04.23 RIBBN92
453.2375 S Varies1 15-TAC 15
458.2375 S CSQ 16-Vehicles Cross Band
453.3750 R 192.8 Repeats Low Band Operations Unknown Location 2018.07.14 W1KNE

TAC 15 PL tones

Department Tone
RIT D125
Quinebaug Fire 218.1
Community Fire 110.9
West Thompson Fire 79.7
East Thompson Fire 67.0
Muddy Brook Fire 74.4
Thompson Hill Fire 97.4

Member Departments

  • Mortlake Department is the only QV department that has two active Stations. They are known as Station 190 and Station 290.
  • Emergency Services in Putnam are dispatched by Station WA which is Putnam Police Dispatch. Station WA also handles 911 calls from the Putnam Special Services District, a 3.5 square mile region in the downtown of Putnam. All other 911 calls are handled by QV.

  • Here are the Fire/EMS companies covered by and dispatched by QV, with the town they serve in and station designators:
Department Town Served Station ID's
Attawaugan Fire Department Killingly 62
Atwood Hose Fire Company Plainfield 96
Baltic Fire Department Baltic 24
Bungay Fire Brigade S Woodstock 77
Canterbury Fire Department Canterbury 93
Central Village Fire Company Plainfield 97
Chaplain Fire Department Chaplin 09
Community Fire Company North Grosvenordale, Thompson 81
Danielson Fire Department Killingly 61
Dayville Fire Company Killingly 63
East Brooklyn Fire Department Brooklyn 92
East Killingly Fire Department Killingly 64
East Putnam Fire Department Putnam 79
East Thompson Fire Department Thompson 85
Eastford Fire Department Eastford 71
Griswold Fire Department Griswold 55
Griswold Ambulance Griswold 55
Hampton Fire Department Hampton 12
Jewitt City Fire Department Griswold 56
K-B Ambulance Killingly, Brooklyn 61
Lisbon Fire Department Lisbon 54
Moosup Fire Department Plainfield 94
Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance Plainfield 94 and 95
Mortlake Fire Department Brooklyn 90+
Muddy Brook Fire Department N and E Woodstock 75
Oneco Fire Department Sterling 68
Plainfield Fire Department Plainfield 95
Pomfret Fire Department Pomfret 70
Putnam Fire Department Putnam 78++
Putnam EMS Putnam 78++
Quinebaug Fire Department Quinebaug, Thompson 83
Scotland Fire Department Scotland 16
South Killingly Fire Department Killingly 65
Sterling Fire Department Sterling 67
Thompson Hill Fire Department Thompson 84
Voluntown Fire Department Voluntown 53
West Thompson Fire Department North Grosvenordale, Thompson 82
Williamsville Engine Company Killingly 60
Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department Woodstock 76
Woodstock Ambulance Woodstock 76

Department Apparatus

QV has recently changed from using the pretty much statewide "Codes" for types of calls, apparatus movement, etc and have gone to using strictly plain english as party of ICS compliance. They do, however, still use a standarized Equipment designator. The following info is from the QV website

  • Engine: Minimum 750 gpm pump and minimum 300 gallon tank
  • Engine-Tanker: minimum 750 gpm pump and minimum 1000 gallon tank
  • Hose: Less than 750 gpm pump or no pump and minimum 2000 feet or 4" or greater hose
  • Hose-Tender: Minimum 750 gpm pump and minimum 2000 feet of 4" or greater hose
  • Tanker: minimum 1000 gpm pump and minimum 1500 gallon tank
  • Engine Squirt (EQ): minimum 750 gpm pump, minimum 500 gallon tank, and a telesquirt pre-piped aerial
  • Ladder: At least a 65 foot ladder, pump not required
  • Tower: At least a 65 foot ladder with platform
  • Rescue 1: carries basic medical supplies and hand tools
  • Rescue 3: Medical supplies and light rescue tools
  • Rescue 4: Medical supplies and full heavy rescue tools and supplies
  • Ambulance 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Ambulance
  • Forestry: Restricted to brush use only. Does not respond to any other calls.
  • Service: Essentially anything else. A brush unit used to respond to anything other than brush would be a service.

Upon determining what a unit is, it also receives the station designator. For example:

  • Rescue 483 is Quinebaug Heavy Rescue
  • Rescue 581 is Community Ambulance 1 and Rescue 582 would be community Ambulance 2
  • Engine Tank 185 (also ET185) would be Thompson Engine Tank

Even with the designators listed above, if a piece of apparatus goes out of QV, it receives a plain English name per ICS. For example:

  • E181 would become Community Engine 1
  • R578 would become Putnam Ambulance 1

In general:

  • Rescue 1-4 become 'Department' Rescue #
  • Rescue 5-9 has become 'Department' Ambulance #
  • Engine Tank become 'Department' Engine #

It is up to the department to number their apparatus if they have multiple that would become the same, i.e. E181 and ET181.