Private Ambulance Companies in NH

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Company Frequency Type Tone Coverage Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
45th Parallel EMS
Action Ambulance Service 153.5450 R 103.5 Ossipee NH Area
Action Ambulance Service 153.5450 R D343 Car-to-Car
American Ambulance Service
American Medical Response (AMR) - - - See AMR Wiki Page 2011.10.21
American Medical Response (AMR)
City Dispatch
Nashua TRS T - Nashua DB: Nashua Fire-Rescue
Bartlett-Jackson EMS 154.1450 173.8 Bartlett
DB: Carroll County
on Mt Wash Valley
Berlin EMS 155.2950 Berlin ALS Contract W/ Berlin
Best-Care Ambulance Service Based in Gilford
Caledonia-Essex Area Ambulance Service (CalEx) Based in St Johnsbury VT
Careplus Ambulance Service Disbanded
Charlestown Amb 155.2350 136.5 Charlestown DB: Charlestown PD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Med Center 155.3250 141.3 Hanover DHART Helo Ops See Medical Helicopters for Confirmations
Diluzio Ambulance Service 155.2050 S 136.5 Keene
Diluzio Ambulance Service 154.5400 S 136.5 Keene
Frisbie Hosp. EMS 151.2350 S 103.5 Rochester area DB: Rochester Dispatch 2014.07.27 schwab
Gorham EMS 155.7000 136.5 Gorham
Pinkham's Grant
Green's Grant
Martin's Location
DB: Gorham Fire
Golden Cross Ambulance Service 152.2850 R 118.8 Claremont 2022.11.25 N1ZYY
Golden Cross Ambulance Service 155.2650 ? 136.5 Loudon NHIS EMS
Golden Cross Ambulance Service 154.5400 S 136.5 Loudon Speedway Safety Ops Ch-2
Golden Cross Ambulance Service 154.5700 S 136.5 Loudon Speedway Safety Ops Ch-3
Great Brook EMS
Ker Westlund Ambulance Service based in Brattleboro VT
Lakes Region EMS
Formerly Twin Rivers EMS
159.9000 S 210.7 Backup EMS in Lakes & Capital Areas 2017.07
Lifeline Ambulance 460.7000 R 136.5 Rochester Rochester Area Ops 2013.02.18 LTE4NFD
Lifeline Ambulance 463.2250 R 114.8 Multiple Sites NH Operations Channel 2013.03
Lifestar Emergency Medical Service ?
Lin-Wood Ambulance 155.2350 S 167.9 Lincoln
DB: Lincoln Police 2022.10.02 GraniteScanner
Lords Amb 155.2350 136.5 Ossipee
McGregor Memorial EMS 154.6575 R D131 Durham, Lee, Madbury, UNH DB:UNH Comm Cntr 2016.01.20 schwab
McGregor Memorial EMS 159.7350 S D131 Durham, Lee, Madbury, UNH Tac 8 MCI Ops 2016.01.20 schwab
McGregor Memorial EMS 159.8250 S D131 Durham, Lee, Madbury, UNH Ops/Training/Logistics 2016.01.20 schwab
Milan/Dummer Ambulance 155.8800 82.5 Milan
Volunteer EMS
New England Dragway
New London Amb 154.9950 136.5 New London
Sunapee (part)
Bradford Amb Handles
some areas of
Newbury & Sutton
Newport EMS 151.3100 136.5 Newport
Sunapee (part)
North Conway EMS 155.2200 North Conway DB: Self
North Conway EMS 155.7600 114.8 North Conway
Penacook Rescue 154.3550 136.5 Boscawen
Based in Penacook
Pridestar EMS
Rescue Inc. 155.1600 R 136.5 Brattleboro, Vt EMS Contracts
in Southwest NH
Rescue Inc 173.2250 S Brattleboro, VT EMS Contracts
in Southwest NH
Rockingham Ambulance
Company Ops
T 1-01-052
LTR Trunked System
Primary Freqs Listed
2011.10 Disbanded
Ross Ambulance 154.4000 136.5 Twin State Fire Based in Littleton
Souhegan Valley Ambulance 153.8900 R 186.2 Greenville
New Ipswich
Based in New Ipswich 2020.10.03 JMarcell
Speedway Safety Services
Stewarts Ambulance Service 159.9000 S 210.7 Center Harbor
DB: Lakes Region Fire
Stewarts Ambulance Service 152.4050 R D243 Company wide Repeater 2022.05.04 Matt0691
Stewarts Ambulance Service 154.5150 S 192.8 Company wide Direct
Trinity EMS County Communications LTR T TG: 1-02-127 Atkinson
Tri-Town EMS 154.3550 136.5 Allenstown
DB: Capital Area
Tri-Town EMS 154.0400 S 136.5 Companywide Frequency
Upper Connecticut Valley EMS Colebrook Hospital based - Replaced by 45th Parallel Emergency Medical Services
Valley Transfer EMS Based in Conway
Warren-Wentworth Ambulance 159.9000 S 210.7 Warren
DB: Lakes Region Fire 2020.06.17 ecps92
York Ambulance Association based in York ME