Piscataquis County Sheriff Department

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Piscataquis SO is licensed for repeaters at the following locations:

WGI540 - Milo WGI540 - Big Moose Mtn. WGI540 - Guilford WGI540 - Greenville Airport WQMD486 - Dover Foxcroft WQDK429 - Dover Foxcroft WQDK429 - Milo WQDK429 - Charleston WQDK429 - Squaw Mtn

PL tones and input frequencies apparently vary by site-confirmations on which tones for which locations are requested!

Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
? 155.0250 R 107.2 Primary Dispatch 2020.07.01 HornSmoke
? 155.0250 R 192.8 Primary Dispatch 2020.04.14 schwab
? 155.8425 R ? Charleston Tower