Piscataquis County Fire Departments

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Regional Channels

Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
153.9200 R 173.8 County Dispatch Primary 2016.07.24 LTE4NFD
154.2050 R 167.9 Greenville Dispatch 2016.07.24 LTE4NFD

Department Frequency Type Tone ID Numbers Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Abbott 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Atkinson 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Beaver Cove 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Bowerbank 153.9200 R 12xx
Brownville 153.9200 R 14xx
Brownville 153.9200 R ? 15xx Brownville Junction
Dover-Foxcroft 153.9200 R 9xx DB: PCSO 2020.04.14 schwab
Greenville 154.2050 R 167.9 16xx 2021.01.18 LTE4NFD
Guilford 153.9200 R 7xx DB: PCSO
Medford 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Milo 153.9200 R 13xx DB: PCSO
Monson 153.9200 R 4xx DB: PCSO
Parkman 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Sangerville 153.9200 R 8xx DB: PCSO
Sebec 153.9200 R 3xx DB: PCSO
Shirley 154.2050 R 167.9 6xx
Wellington 153.9200 R DB: PCSO
Willimantic 153.9200 R 1xx DB: PCSO