Oxford County Sheriff Department

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155.0700R PL 192.8- Repeaters located at: Streaked Mtn., Buckfield Spruce Mtn., Woodstook Black Mtn., Rumford (SBA site) Pleasant Mtn, Bridgton (US Cell site)

Each repeater uses a different input PL tone and are controlled at Oxford County dispatch by a 900Mhz microwave system.

Department Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Oxford County Sheriff 155.0700 R 192.8 / CSQ Primary - Multiple Repeater Sites 2023.09.24 MASSBUSMARK
Statewide Car to Car 154.6950 S 192.8 / CSQ
Nationwide Car to Car 155.4750 S 192.8
Region 5 Net 155.5500 R 192.8 2013.06.29