Rhode Island State Sheriffs

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Rhode Island Sheriff

Each County is a Divison of the RI State Sheriff's Department.

   * To provide courtroom, courthouse, and judicial security.
   * To provide transportation and custody of inmates and prisoners scheduled for court appearances.
   * To maintain control and security of prisoners and detainees.
   * To provide for the security of the public while in State court facilities.
   * To provide state-to-state extraditions.
   * To execute writs and civil process.
   * To provide mutual aid to all law enforcement and correctional facilities when requested.

The Executive High Sheriff is the boss of all the County Sheriffs and along with the County Sheriffs is appointed by the Governor.

Sheriffs in RI do not patrol, but have full police powers. The RI Sheriffs have a K-9 unit and assist the Red Cross with their Search and Rescue Team. The RI Department of Corrections Owns and Operates the State Jails and Prisons.

Some of this information was taken from:

Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs

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Rhode Island Sheriffs Department Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone CH Court Confirmation/ReConfirmations
151.3250 R D311 Unk Court House 2012.01.23
151.3250 R D516 Used for prisoner transport to/from ACI RI's Jail/Prison Complex in Cranston
154.6800 S D311 Security (Cranston) 2012.07.10 xhe1n
155.1000 ? Sixth Division Providence District Court (Separate building and location from Superior/Supreme)
155.1000 ? Fourth Division District Court/Washington County Superior Court (Wakefield)
155.1000 ? Third Division District Court/Kent County Superior Court (Warwick)
155.1000 ? Second Division District Court/Newport County Superior Court (Newport)
155.1000 S 118.8 Unknown Court (Providence) 2012.07.10 xhe1n
155.1000 Traffic Court (Cranston)
460.1250 R Supreme Court/Providence County Superior Court (Providence)
460.4500 R ?