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  • On November 7, 2000, Connecticut voters overwhelmingly chose to eliminate the office of High Sheriff. On December 1, 2000 all Special Deputy Sheriffs in all counties throughout the state were transferred to the Connecticut Judicial Branch and re-designated 'Judicial Marshals (Court Officers)'. Deputy Sheriffs were also transferred to the Judicial Branch and became 'State Marshals.'
  • Sheriffs in CT had the same duties of Sheriffs in Rhode Island: Prisoner Transport, Court Security, Civil Process. County Sheriff's Departments in CT never did law enforcement (Patrol, etc.) in modern times. The CT DOC operates all Jails and Prisons.
Location Frequency Type Tone Comments Confirmations/ReConfirmations
Statewide 151.3550 S 114.8 State Judical Sheriffs (Prisoner Transport Mostly)
Statewide 465.1875 S 118.8 Court House Operations
Statewide 465.2625 S 114.8 Court House Operations
Statewide 465.4375 S 114.8 Court House Operations
Statewide 465.4625 S 114.8 Court House Operations