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New England MILCOM

  • Guide to monitoring military communications in New England



Military Frequency Bands

HF (High Frequency)

  • Below 30 MHz. Modes: Upper Sideband (USB); some Lower Sideband (LSB). The US military is a major user of HF frequencies for medium and long range communications.

VHF Low Band

  • 30 - 75 MHz. Mode: FM, (See VHF Low page for military segments) Primary users are US Army & ARNG units, including aircraft operations. Some tactical ops reported up to 75 MHz.

VHF Aircraft Band

  • 118 - 137 MHz. Mode: AM, Military aircraft regularly use the "civilian" aircraft band.

VHF Military Bands

  • 138 - 144 MHz., 148 - 150.70 MHz. Modes: AM and FM (Mostly narrowband; some P25 digital) A mix of military aircraft & base operations

VHF Federal Government Band

  • 162 - 174 MHz. Mode: FM (Mostly narrowband; some P25 digital) US Coast Guard LMR and some military base operations channels remain here.

UHF Aircraft Band

  • 225 - 399 Mhz. Mode: AM; (some FM for satellite & other comm. links) Digital trunk systems in some areas between 380 & 399 at military bases

UHF Federal Band

  • 406 - 420 MHz. Mode: FM (Mostly narrowband; some P25 digital, some trunking) Some military base operations.