NXDN Stations & Systems In Our Listening Area

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  • Unknown exact location of some sites as of yet.
  • Definition of NXDN Radio Systems
  • FCC licensing is confusing and/or in state of flux...or non-existent!
  • Software used: DSDPlus
  • As of 2014.10.01 DSDPlus 1.051 makes it possible to decode talkgroup and radio ID information.
  • In March 2018, Uniden released a paid upgrade to their "x36" platform scanners to decode NXDN.

Please note: This page is intended for research purposes only. The information contained about municipal and state systems may not be accurate. Please don't assume that it is. For proper conformation on municipal and state systems, refer to their common quick-list pages in their respective portals




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Conventional NXDN Systems

Frequency Type Identification City State Remarks Confirmation
145.2800 R West Bridgewater NXDN Amateur Repeater West Bridgewater MA Local and Worldwide 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
145.2900 R Dartmouth NXDN Amateur Repeater Dartmouth MA - 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
145.3200 R Swansea NXDN amateur Repeater Swansea MA Local and Worldwide 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
145.3900 R Marshfield Mixed Mode Repeater Marshfield MA Mixed mode with analog 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
145.4375 R Assonet NXDN Amateur Repeater Assonet(Freetown) MA - 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
146.4400 R Cumberland RI NXDN Amateur Repeater Cumberland RI - 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
159.8475 Salter Transportation Boston MA 2016.02.04 N1BHH
160.2750 R New Hampshire Northcoast Corp. Ossipee NH Shortline Railroad - NXDN48, RAN-1 2017.07.21 schwab
160.5150 National Railroad Passenger aka Amtrak Westerly RI Maint of way 2014.03.05 ecps92
161.4750 R Keolis/MBTA Somerville MA Boston Engine Terminal Facilities (Dual mode w/100.0 Hz PL) 2016.02.05 KB1KVD
449.9875 R West Bridgewater NXDN Repeater West Bridgewater MA - 2018.03.26 N1ZZN
451.1500 R Chicopee Electric Chicopee MA RAN 11 2017.03.03 chris
464.2875 R Possibly Brewster Ambulance MA Encrypted Voice 2013.12.28 WB1HBU
471.1750 R Merrimck Valley Regional Transit Authority Georgetown MA Could be Trunked 2017.12.08 ecps92