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Division of State Police

Table of contents -

State Police Patrol Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone Troop Notes Confirmation
151.4000 R N826 A (Epping) 2021.01.12 W1KNE
154.9350 R N826 B (Bedford) 2021.01.20 W1KNE
154.6650 R N826 C (Keene) 2020.06.22 W1KNE
156.2100 R N826 D (Concord) Headquarters 2021.06.14 n1zzy
151.3250 R N800 E (Tamworth) 2021.07.29 lkh62
152.6300 R N852 F (Carroll-Twin Mountain) Washington - Cannon 2019.10.21 ecps92
154.6800 R N852 F (Carroll-Twin Mountain) Moose - Mitchell - Manns - Milan 2020.10.09 JBolduc
154.9200 R N852 F (Carroll-Twin Mountain) Tenney 2020.07.12 schwab
155.8050 R N852 F (Carroll-Twin Mountain) Holden 2019.07.07 ecps92

Other Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone Channel Notes Confirmation
156.0900 S 136.5 VLAWLPS/LP-South State Police / Local Interoperability Troops A-D
155.9100 S 136.5 VLAWLPN/LP-North State Police / Local Interoperability Tropps E and F
155.4750 S 136.5 LP-2 State Wide Channel 2, Event Usage
155.4750 S 156.7 VLAW31 Nationwide Police Interoperability (LP-2 w/Different tone)
155.5125 N857 NHSP Race Track Event Ops
159.3150 S N293 TALK-1 NHSP Statewide Talkaround, Air Radar- Sometimes Encypted 2020.07.12 schwab
158.7825 R N826 Concord Capital Buildings
Security and NHSP
2018.03.12 LTE4NFD
155.8425 R NAC ? Concord Capital Buildings
154.7475 R NAC ? Concord Capital Buildings
  • LP-2 Common Channel-2 is in all Law Enforcement Radios in NH

Detailed Troop Information

Troop Area of State Troop Station Jurisdiction
Troop A South East Epping Rockingham County
Strafford County
Troop B South Central Bedford Hillsborough County
Covers I-93 from MA/NH state line to Hooksett Toll
Troop C South West Keene Cheshire County
Sullivan County
Troop D Central Concord
Merrimack County
Covers I-93 Hooksett Toll to Plymouth. All of I-89 Bow to Vt Line
Troop E Lakes Region Tamworth Belknap County
Carroll County
Troop F Great North Carroll (Twin Mountain) Coos County
Grafton County
Troop G State Highways Concord Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Unit ID's for All NHSP Channels

Units User
001-099 State Police Administration/Special Units
100-199 State Police Troop A Units
200-299 State Police Troop B Units
300-399 State Police Troop C Units
400-499 State Police Troop D Units
500-599 State Police Troop E Units
600-699 State Police Troop F Units
700-799 State Police Troop G Units
800-849 State Police Probationary Troopers
850-869 State Police Radio Repair Units
870-899 State Police Crime Lab Units
900-989 NH Fire Marshall's Office / Investigators
MP-## Marine Patrol
SE-## State Homeland Security and Emergency Management
SL-## State Liquor Enforcement

Specialized Units

Commissioner's Office

Railroad Police

Division of the State Liquor Commission

  • SL-## Unit ID's on ALL State Police Frequencies
  • Enforcement/License Bureau
  • Marketing and Sales Bureau
  • Administration Bureau
  • NH is one of 18 States that Monopolize some Liquor Sales at the State Level

Division of Safety Services

Bureau of Marine Patrol

As of Summer 2018, Marine Patrol units are dispatched on State Police frequencies.

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation
159.1500 S N829 Former Primary (Possible tactical use?)
156.0900 S 136.5 LP-South Southern NH Secondary
155.9100 S 136.5 LP-North Northern NH Secondary 2012.06.15
154.4525 S 156.7 VTAC 12 - Water Incident Interop

Bureau of Tramway and Amusement Safety

  • Over sees Tramways at ski areas and amusement park rides

Division of Administration

Road Toll Bureau

  • Responsible for all Toll Roads in the State of New Hampshire

Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services

Fire Academy Operations

  • Located in Concord NH
Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation
154.2650 R D431 Ch-1 Primary 2015.06.21
159.1350 S D432 Ch-2 Operations 2015.06.21
156.0450 S D432 Ch-3 Operations 2015.06.21
156.1875 S D432 Ch-4 Operations 2015.06.21
154.2800 S 136.5 Ch-5 NH Fireground 2015.06.21
154.2950 S 156.7 Ch-6 VFIRE23 2015.06.21
154.2725 S 156.7 Ch-7 VFIRE24 2015.06.21
154.2875 S 156.7 Ch-8 VFIRE25 2015.06.21
162.4000 CSQ Ch-15 Weather Receive
154.3550 S 136.5 Ch-16 Concord Fire Tie

Division of Fire Safety

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

  • NH Water Resources, NH Dept of Health and Human Service and other small agencies utilize the HSEM Radio System.
  • The EAS system is utilized to activate Radio and Television Stations w/emergency messages.
  • SE-## On State Police Frequencies
Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation
46.5800 S 136.5 HSEM Direct
46.5400 S 136.5 HSEM Direct
46.5800 R 156.7 HSEM Multiple Repeater sites in Southern New Hampshire 2020.08.10 Dave2582
45.2600 R 136.5 HSEM Mt. Washington Repeater
44.9400 R 136.5 HSEM Mt. Kearsarge Repeater
453.2500 F 186.2 HSEM Deerfield - downlink from 46.5800 2016.12.12 schwab and friends
450.3875 F CSQ HSEM Emergency Alert System (EAS) Mt. Kearsarge Site 2020.08.02 JBolduc
450.3125 F CSQ HSEM Emergency Alert System (EAS) Mt. Washington Site
450.5875 F CSQ HSEM Emergency Alert System (EAS) Manchester VA Hospital Site 2020.09.17 JBolduc
460.0250 R C15 SL:? TG:? - HSEM Facility Operations 2017.10.01
460.5000 R C15 SL:? TG:? - HSEM Facility Operations 2017.10.01

Division of Emergency Services, Communications, and Management

  • Responsible for NH E-911 System
  • Based in Concord and Laconia
  • Units on radio operate HSEM and/or NHSP Radio Systems