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NOAA Weather Radio in Our Listening Area

  • -This list is comprised of NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) stations normally received in the Scan New England region.
Frequency Site Site State Call Sign Forecast Office Notes Confirmation/Reconfirmation
162.4250 WPVQ-FM (Leyden) MA WXM68 ALBANY (ALY)
162.4500 Catamount Mtn. (Egremont) MA WXM82 ALBANY (ALY) 2022.06.11 W1KNE
162.4750 Overlook Mtn (Highland) NY WXL37 ALBANY (ALY)
162.5000 Mohawk Mtn. (Cornwall) CT WWH33 ALBANY (ALY)
162.5250 Mt. Greylock (Adams) MA WXM82 ALBANY (ALY)
162.5500 Heldeberg Enscarpment (New Salem) NY WXL34 ALBANY (ALY)
162.4000 Neutakonakut Hill (Johnston) RI WXJ39 BOSTON (BOX) 2022.04.28 W1KNE
162.4250 Gloucester MA WNG574 BOSTON (BOX) 2022.04.26 ecps92
162.4750 Blue Hill - WGBH-FM (Canton) MA KHB35 BOSTON (BOX) 2022.04.26 ecps92
162.4750 Soapstone Mtn (Ellington) CT WXJ41 BOSTON (BOX)
162.5500 Camp Edwards (Hyannis) MA KEC73 BOSTON (BOX) 2022.04.28 W1KNE
162.5500 Asnebumskit Hill (Paxton) MA WXL93 BOSTON (BOX) 2022.04.26 ecps92
162.4000 Burlington VT KIG60 BURLINGTON (BTV)
162.4250 St. Johnsbury VT WWG50 BURLINGTON (BTV)
162.4750 Windsor VT WXM44 BURLINGTON (BTV)
162.4750 Mt Ascutney (Windsor) VT WXM44 BURLINGTON (BTV)
162.5000 Castleton VT WNG671 BURLINGTON (BTV)
162.4000 Dollard Hill (Ellsworth) ME KEC93 GRAY (GYX)
162.4000 Ben Young Hill (Clarksville) NH WNG544 GRAY (GYX)
162.4000 ConcordManchester (Pembroke) NH WXJ40 GRAY (GYX) 2022.04.26 ecps92
162.4250 Greenville ME WNG542 GRAY (GYX)
162.4250 Meddybemps ME KHC47 GRAY (GYX)
162.4500 Jonesboro (Maritme Only) ME WNG543 GRAY (GYX)
162.4500 Milo ME KHB54 GRAY (GYX)
162.4500 Sugarloaf Mt. ME WNG547 GRAY (GYX)
162.4500 Saddleback Mtn (Deerfield) NH KZZ40 GRAY (GYX) 2022.06.12 schwab
162.4750 Blinn Hill (Dresden) ME WSM60 GRAY (GYX)
162.4750 Frenchville ME KHB55 GRAY (GYX)
162.5000 Mt Washington (Sargent's Purchase) NH KZZ41 GRAY (GYX) 2022.06.12 schwab
162.5000 Springfield ME WXN28 GRAY (GYX)
162.5250 Mars Hill (Caribou) ME WXM77 GRAY (GYX)
162.5250 Hanover NH WNG546 GRAY (GYX)
162.5250 Pack Monadnock (Peterborough) NH WNG575 GRAY (GYX) 2022.04.26 ecps92
162.5500 Blackstrap Hill (Falmouth) ME KDO95 GRAY (GYX)
162.5500 Holderness NH WNG545 GRAY (GYX)
162.4000 West Peak (Meriden) CT WXJ42 NEW YORK CITY (OKX)
162.4750 Bald Hill (Riverhead) NY WXM80 NEW YORK CITY (OKX)
162.5500 Montville CT KHB47 NEW YORK CITY (OKX)