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This page was started to compile a list of known DMR signals. We'll keep it simple and to one table at first. When editing please do so in numerical order by frequency. There are several models of scanners on the market, plus DSD Plus that can monitor DMR systems. MotoTrbo is the trade name for Motorola's DMR software.

FCC Emission designators for DMR: 7K60FXE (voice), 7K60FXD (data).

Please note: This page is intended for research purposes only. The information contained about municipal and state systems may not be accurate. Please don't assume that it is. For proper conformation on municipal and state systems, refer to their common quick-list pages in their respective portals

THIS PAGE WILL SLOWLY BE MIGRATED TO A NEW PAGE THAT WILL CONTAIN MORE IN DEPTH INFORMATION ON CONVENTIONAL DMR SYSTEMS TO INCLUDE COLOR CODES, TALKGROUPS, AND TIME SLOTS. Please go to Conventional DMR Systems In Our Listening Area for the new page, and please SUBMIT DATA if you have any information on any of the existing or any new conventional DMR.

What DMR sounds like:

Frequency Station if Known City State Type Remarks Entry/Update Date Confirmed By
155.2575 DMR Capacity Plus Rest Channel New Shoreham RI T Callsign KWQ545. Apparent CAP+ System on Block Island 2017.03.21 Scott SNE Webmaster
160.1625 Rivers Living Trust Fitchburg MA R Rentals? 2015.07.13 Scott SNE Webmaster
172.9875 VA Hospital Providence RI ? Likely Maint since PD is P25 2011.01.06 ecps92 & friends
451.9875 Rivers Living Trust Devens MA R Rentals? 2012.06.02 ecps92
452.2250 Mitre Corporation Bedford MA R 2011.09.07 ecps92
452.4375 Waste Management Holdings Inc Saugus MA R Resco - Saugus Plant 2011.07.10 ecps92
452.4625 Standard Parking Corp Warwick RI R 2011.06.17 ecps92 & Friends
452.6000 Falmouth Road Race Ops Falmouth MA R? Runner transport and traffic, likely an equipment rental 2012.08.12 Scott SNE Webmaster
452.7250 Boston Properties Inc Boston MA R ? 2011.08.09 creeperjeep
453.1625 Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority South Yarmouth MA R Regional Transit 2012.08.25 Scott SNE Webmaster
453.4250 Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority South Yarmouth MA R Regional Transit 2012.08.25 Scott SNE Webmaster
453.7125 Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority South Yarmouth MA R Regional Transit (may be simulcast of 453.4250) 2012.08.24 N1BHH, JeffKett, Scott SNE Webmaster
460.6750 Unk Airline Ops Boston MA R Airport Ops 2019.06.10 ecps92
460.7000 US Airways Burlington VT R Operations 2012.04.14 ecps92
460.8500 US Airways Windsor Locks CT R Airport Ops 2011.12.22 cg
461.3250 Noble And Greenough School Dedham MA R Operations - CC: 12 SL: 1/2 TG: 37012 2016.03.23 W1KNE
461.4625 Bristol Meyers Co Devens MA R 2011.06.11 ecps92
461.5875 Trucci's Taunton MA S Tremont St Store - Data 2015.08.14 W1KNE
461.6375 Riverwalk at Loon Mountain Lincoln NH R 2016.09.15 jmarcel66
461.7500 BJ's Corp Offices Westboro MA R Corp Offices Security 2012.09.15 jwb8734
462.0750 Falmouth Hospital Security Falmouth MA R Switched to MotoTrbo early January 2013.01.25 Scott SNE Webmaster
462.1500 Maine Radio Inc Falmouth ME R TRBO Trunked System 2012.10.07 ecps92
462.1625 ? Park Square ? Boston MA R Thinking "W Hotel" due to proximity 2012.06.23 ecps92
463.3250 RI Resource Recovery Corp Johnston RI R CC:01 TG: 1-3, 5 - State Landfill 2019.02.16 ecps92 & Friends
463.4500 BJ's Wholesale Club - Distribution Center Uxbridge MA R CH1 - Floor Ops 2013.07.31 JWB8734
463.4625 Boston Marriott Quincy Quincy MA R 2013.10.28 ecps92
463.6375 Comtronics/New Bedford MotoTrbo System? Bristol County MA Trunked? "may" be part of TRBO TRS but is confirmed TRBO activity 2013.12.05 Scott/SNE Webmaster & KB1UAM
464.4750 Mt Sinai Hospital Hartford CT R several TGIDs seen 2013.02.22 cg
464.7000 Griswold Scout Reservation Gilmanton NH R Boy Scout Camps 2014.07.23 jmarcel66
484.0375 All Comm Boston MA R 2015.03.01 ecps92