Middlesex County Sheriff Department

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Middlesex County Sheriffs Trunk

  • 800MHz Motorola P25 Phase II Trunked System
  • System ID: D32
  • WACN: 00746
  • NAC: D32

Table of contents -

Trunked System Frequencies

Frequency Use Confirmation/Reconfirmation
854.7125 CC 2022.06.06 BFrederi
851.5500 Alt CC 2022.06.06 BFrederi
851.7500 Alt CC 2022.06.06 BFrederi
856.1375 Alt CC 2022.06.06 BFrederi


  • All Talkgroups are encrypted
Talkgroup Description Comments/Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
1 Need to Identify 2022.06.06 BFrederi
2 Need to Identify 2022.06.06 BFrederi
3 Need to Identify 2022.06.06 BFrederi

Legacy Coventional Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone Usage Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
45.9400 S D023 Billerica Transport
46.0200 S D023 Billerica Transport
MSP Trunk T TG 37040 Statewide Correctional Facility Transportation See MSP Trunk for Confirmations