Middlesex County Sheriff Department

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The Middlesex Sheriff's Office provides a secure, safe and humane environment for both staff and offenders. Our commitment to public safety is to improve the quality of life in the community through public awareness, reintegration and by exercising our core beliefs of professionalism, respect, fairness and integrity. Public Safety is our Public Service, established in 1643, Middlesex is one of the oldest sheriff's offices in the United States. Although the Middlesex Sheriff's Office is statutorily entrusted with full law enforcement capacities within the jurisdiction of Middlesex County, the primary responsibility is the care, custody and control of inmates and detainees within Middlesex County. This function is carried out at the Billerica complex where both the Billerica House of Correction and Middlesex County Jail are colocated. Additionally, the Middlesex Sheriff's Office is responsible for the Sheriff's Office of Civil Process and the Cambridge and Lowell Community Counseling.

  • 2014.06 the Cambridge Jail was closed and all Prisoners moved to the new Middlesex County Jail in Billerica, adjacent to the Billerica House of Correction

Frequency Type Tone Usage Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
851.5500 R 131.8 Billerica Inside Ops 2020.03.22 bfrederi
851.7500 R 131.8 Billerica External Ops 2020.03.22 bfrederi
854.7125 R Billerica Repeater
856.1375 R Billerica Repeater
851.7500 R 131.8 Cambridge Repeater 2014.03.13 N1BHH
45.9400 S D023 Billerica Transport
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MSP Trunk T TG 37040 Statewide Correctional Facility Transportation 2011.05.19