Merrimack County Sheriff Department

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  • MCSO has split operations into two Divisions (East & West). Each now utilizes a separate repeater system.
One is located on Mount Kearsarge in Warner and the other on Oak Hill in Loudon.
  • The Allenstown repeater is used to reach into the Suncook area (Allenstown/Pembroke).
  • All three operate independently, but are patched or simulcast so all traffic into one repeater is also repeated on the other repeater.
Location Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
MC West 155.6850 R N117 Dispatch - West of Merrimack River (P25) 2024.01.15 GraniteScanner
MC West 155.6850 R 136.5 Dispatch - West of Merrimack River (Analog)
MC East 155.7000 R N117 Dispatch - Eastern County Operations (P25) 2024.01.15 GraniteScanner
MC East 155.7000 R 136.5 Dispatch - East of Merrimack River (Analog)
MC Atown 159.0900 R N317 Allenstown PD Repeater - Simulcast 155.7000 2016.07.02 ecps92
Courts 155.4600 151.4 Courthouse Operations
Corrections 155.7300 R 156.7 County Corrections 2017.07.09 LTE4NFD

Unit Identification Numbers

Unit ID User
MC-## Merrimack County Sheriff's Office
100-150 Boscawen Police
151-199 Epsom Police
200-249 Warner Police
250-299 Salisbury Police
300-399 Danbury Police
400-449 Loudon Police
450-499 Pittlfield Police
500-549 Canterbuty Police
550-599 Henniker Police
600-699 Hopkinton Police
700-799 Chichester Police
800-849 Webster Police
900-949 Allenstown Police
950-999 Pembroke Police