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The activity of taxicab fleets is usually monitored and controlled by a central office, which provides dispatching, accounting, and human resources services to one or more taxi companies. Taxi owners and drivers usually communicate with the dispatch office through either a 2-way radio or a computer terminal, called a mobile data terminal.

Taxi frequencies are generally licensed in duplex pairs. One frequency is used for the dispatcher to talk to the cabs, and a second frequency is used to the cabs to talk back. This means that the drivers generally cannot talk to each other. Some cabs have, or had a CB radio in addition to the company radio so they could speak to each other without interfering with the dispatcher.

In the United States, there is a Taxicab Radio Service [LX] now merged with Business Radio Service [IB] with pairs assigned for this purpose. A taxi company can also be licensed in the Business Radio Service. Business frequencies in the UHF range are also licensed in pairs to allow for repeaters, though taxi companies usually use the pair for duplex communications.

The FCC Rules and Regulations for the TaxiCab Radio Service [LX] is Sec. 90.93

VHF Assigned Taxi Frequencies

Dispatch Taxi Cabs
152.2700 157.5300
152.2850 157.5450
152.3000 157.5600
152.3150 157.5750
152.3300 157.5900
152.3450 157.6050
152.3600 157.6200
152.3750 157.6350
152.3900 157.6500
152.4050 157.6650
152.4200 157.6800
152.4350 157.6950
152.4500 157.7100
152.4650 157.7250

UHF Assigned Taxi Frequencies

Dispatch Taxi Cabs
452.0500 457.0500
452.1000 457.1000
452.1500 457.1500
452.2000 457.2000
452.2500 457.2500
452.3000 457.3000
452.3500 457.3500
452.4000 457.4000
452.4500 457.4500
452.5000 457.5000

Maine Taxi Frequencies

Type would be *S - Simplex, *R - Repeater, *D - Duplex [No Repeater - See list above for the associated Frequency]

City/Town Licensee / DBA Frequency Type Tone Callsign Comments Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Lewiston Scott Ferland: dba City Cab 152.2700
D TRBO KCA511 Auburn/Lewiston 2014.08.27
Portland ASAP Taxi 461.5250 R 203.5
WPKG324 Dispatch
2020.01.06 Kirby207
Portland ABC Taxi 159.5400
D 156.7 WQGQ516 540-Dispatch
2014.05 jmarcel66