Maine State Police

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Maine State Agencies

Maine State Police

  • Most Maine state agencies are dispatched by the four Regional Communications Centers (RCC) listed below.
  • Continued use of the analog, conventional channels listed here, beyond those that are part of the CONOPS Plan, is undetermined.

Maine State Police (Dept. of Public Safety) Troop/Zones

Zone 1 Augusta RCC

  • Gray RCC closed 2018.06
Troop Location Geographic Area
Troop A Alfred York County & Rte I-295 from Scarborough to Brunswick
Troop B Gray Cumberland, Oxford, & Androscoggin Counties
Troop G Maine Turnpike Portland

Zone 2 Augusta RCC

Troop Location Geographic Area
Troop C Skowhegan Somerset, Franklin & Kennebec Counties
Troop D Augusta Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, & Waldo Counties

Zone 3 Bangor RCC

Troop Location Geographic Area
Troop E Bangor Penobscot & Piscataquis Counties
Troop J Ellsworth Hancock & Washington Counties

Zone 4 Houlton RCC

Troop Location Geographic Area
Troop F Houlton Aroostook County

Statewide (All Dispatch Zones)

  • Troop K - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (Statewide)

Maine State Police Troop Map

Channel Usage Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Ch 1 Statewide SP & Speed Enforcement (SWSP) 154.7100 S CSQ / 192.8 2016.06.28
Ch 2 Statewide Car to Car (SWCC) 154.6950 S CSQ All police units in Maine 2012.12.29
Ch 3 Zone 1 - Gray RCC Dispatch 156.1500 R CSQ Troops A & B & G 2014.07.12 ecps92
Ch 4 Zone 2 - Augusta RCC Dispatch 154.6500 R CSQ Troops C & D 2014.07.21 ME343
Ch 5 Zone 3 - Bangor RCC Dispatch 154.9050 R CSQ Troops E & J 2012.12.12 ME343
Ch ? Zone 3 - TAC Repeater 155.4600 R 82.5 Bald Mtn., Dedham 2012.04.24
Ch ? Zone 4 Houlton RCC Dispatch 154.6650 R CSQ Troop F 2011.11.11
Ch 6 State Police Car To Car (SPCC) 154.9350 S 192.8 2014.05.29
Ch 7 Turnpike Car to Car 156.0450 S 192.8 INACTIVE
Ch ? Nationwide Car to Car (NWCC) 155.4750 S 192.8 2011.11.11
Ch ? Turnpike Ops 151.0700 R 107.2 Troop G
Fire-EMS Interop on Pike
2019.07.07 ecps92
? Executive Protection Unit 155.4600 S N293 EPU 2021.01.20 HornSmoke
Ch ? MDEA/Admin/Investigators 154.9200 R 192.8 INACTIVE
Ch ? MDEA/Admin/Investigators 158.7300 R 192.8 INACTIVE

State Police Region Nets

  • This system will be replaced with 40 new MSCOMMNET "RegionNet" repeaters.
  • The Region 8 Net is now licensed to Washington County and will most likely continue in service.
Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Region 1 Net 155.5800 R 192.8 York County INACTIVE
Region 2 Net 155.5350 R 192.8 Cumberland County INACTIVE
Region 3 Net 156.0900 R 192.8 Knox, Lincoln, And Sagadahoc Counties 2012.12.13 me343
Region 4 Net 153.9050 Waldo, Hancock Counties INACTIVE
Region 5 Net 155.5500 R 192.8 Androscoggin, Oxford Counties (Spruce Mtn, Woodstock) 2014.09.19 Maine45
Region 6 Net 153.7550 Penobscot, Piscataquis Counties INACTIVE
Region 7 Net 155.4300 R 192.8 Franklin, Somerset, Kennebec Counties (Confirmed active) Eaton
Region 8 Net 154.9950 R 107.2 Washington County 2014.08.23 LTE4NFD
Region 9 Net 155.4150 R Aroostook County (Mtn 9)

Marine Patrol (Dept. of Marine Resources)

Marine Patrol Website: Divisions & Districts

Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Car to Car 155.5950 S CSQ Formerly w/192.8 PL; now all CSQ 2013.08.23
National Marine Fisheries Service 163.2250 R 100.0 Blackstrap Hill & Blue Hill (Was used by Maine Marine Patrol) INACTIVE

Warden Service (Dept. of Inland Fishereis & Wildlife)

Warden Service Regional Divisions

  • Division A Gray
  • Division B Sidney
  • Division C Bangor
  • Division D Greenville
  • Division E Ashland

Map of Maine Warden Service Districts w/radio callsigns!

Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Southern Repeaters 155.9700 R CSQ Ossipee and Spruce Mtns. 2012.02.18 schwab
Northern Repeaters 154.7250 R 173.8 Unk Rptr Site 2013.02.14
Northern Repeaters 154.7250 R CSQ 8 other sites in rest of the State
Warden Service Car to Car 155.7300 S 192.8 Alternate PLs may be in use
Warden Service Car to Car 155.7300 S CSQ Former southern C/C; now statewide use? 2013.02.14
Northern Car to Car 154.8150 S 192.8 INACTIVE
No Longer Licensed

Maine DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection)

DEP Emergency Spill Response

Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Oil Spill Ops 1 159.4800 R 103.5 Portable Repeaters/US Coast Guard 2010
Oil Spill Ops 2 159.4800 S 103.5 2010
Oil Spill Ops 3 150.9800 R 103.5 MSRC (Marine Spill Response Corp) Repeater Portland 2011.11.11
Oil Spill Ops 4 150.9800 S 103.5 Used by MSRC vessel Maine Responder for deck ops 2011.11.11
NW Oil Spill Ops 154.5850 S Licensed to ME DEP for Low Power Use
NW Oil Spill Ops 158.4450 S Licensed to ME DEP

Maine EMS (Dept. of Public Safety)

  • Each region has a private coordinating agency for training & testing, etc.
  • Regional Ambulance Call-in Frequencies do not uniformly follow the plan below

Map of Maine EMS Service Regions

Channel Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Statewide EMS Tactical 155.3850 S CSQ MCI/Disaster Interoperability/Required in all Ambulances
EMS/LASAR (Land Air Search & Rescue) 155.1600 S 192.8 (Also CONOPS-3) Used by various agencies & SAR Teams
Region 1 Ambulance to Hospital 155.3250 S Various Southern Me EMS: York, Cumberland & Sagadahoc Counties
Region 2 Ambulance to Hospital 155.3400 S Various Tri County EMS: Androscoggin, Franklin & Oxford Counties
Region 3 Ambulance to Hospital 155.4000 S Various Kennebec Valley EMS: Kennebec, Somerset & Western Waldo Counties
Region 4 Ambulance to Hospital 155.3550 S Various Northeast EMS: Penobscot, Piscataquis, Washington, & Hancock Counties
Region 5 Ambulance to Hospital 155.3400 S Various Aroostook EMS: Aroostock County
Region 6 Ambulance to Hospital 155.3400 S Various Mid-Coast EMS: Knox, Lincoln & Eastern Waldo Counties