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Massachusetts State Police Conventional Frequencies

  • Frequencies used by Massachusetts State Police that aren't on either trunk
  • Primary Operations are on the CoMIRS Analog and P25 Trunks

Conventional 700/800

Frequencies Type Tone Use Comments/Notes Confirmation
851.1750 R 141.3 Mount Wilcox B1 (Lee) "High Band" repeater 2013.07.02 ecps92
851.2625 R D174 Deer Island
851.7250 R D174 Fore River Bridge MWRA 2013.12.27 N1BHH
852.1125 R 156.7 MCI Concord Ops DOC 2016.09.21 ecps92
852.2750 R/S 91.5 Portable DFS Hazmat Red 2012.07.18
852.8250 R/S 91.5 Portable DFS Hazmat Blue 2012.07.18
853.3250 R 156.7 NECC Concord DOC 2014.11.20
853.7625 R D174 South Boston MWRA
853.8375 R 146.2 Wachusett MDC - DCR / MWRA
853.9375 R 141.3 SP RPT 1 2016.07.04 ecps92
853.9375 S 141.3 SP Direct 2 MSP 2023.05.22 deacon
853.9500 R 141.3 SP RPT 2 Quabbin area / Backup
853.9625 S 141.3 SP Direct MSP 2023.05.30 GaryS
853.9750 S 141.3 COM DIR Non MSP Agencies 2012.07.18
853.9875 R/S 91.5 Portable DFS Hazmat White 2012.07.18
853.9875 S 141.3 Local Public Safety Agencies LOC DIR 2023.07.03 KennyBlues
854.0375 R 146.2 Quabbin Quabbin South
854.0375 R 123.0 Quabbin Quabbin North

Low Band Frequencies

  • Originally used for Dispatching operations until the MA State Police 800 MHz TRS was put online.
  • The MSP Low-Band Frequencies have gotten second life in car to car use and secondary barracks use for when the Patrol Talk group is crowded
  • It is unknown if the former MDC Police stations in Boston have low-band capability. We have never heard any of the Boston area (former MDC Police) Barracks ID on the low-band system only car to car systems
  • Detectives are mostly use the Cellular Phone or the TRS
  • Low-Band is restricted to mobile and base radios only.

Massachusetts State Police Low-Band Freqs

  • All Low Band PL's are 141.3, except F-8 & F-9 where sometimes NO PL was used
  • Apparently the newer low-band radios only have 8 channels.
Freq Type Channel Usual Use (Notes) Current Use as of 2008 (Notes) Confirmations
42.4400 S F-1 Statewide Base to Base No reported activity since at least 1999
42.3400 S F-2 Troops A and H Mostly used by H-2 Framingham and H-7 Milton as a secondary to the Patrol talk groups 2021.07.27 wltrsf
42.4000 S F-3 Troop C Used as a secondary to the Patrol Talk groups/Station C BOLOs 2023.02.25 ecps92
42.5000 S F-4 Troop D Secondary D-1 Activity, Mostly Troop B car to car activity out in Western MA 2020.03.06 jeffkett
42.5400 S F-5 Car to Car Still Active as Troop C Car to Car, Some Troop A & D use 2020.05.20 ecps92
42.4600 S F-6 Troop B Still Actively used by Western MA Troop B, and Troop D as Car to Car 2024.05.08 jeffkett
42.4200 S F-7 Car to Car Used by H-3 Foxboro as a Secondary to the TG and by Units on Rte-90/Mass Pike in Western MA 2023.01.01 W1KNE
44.7400 S F-8 Small Town Patrols
Used mostly by C-8 E-911 Dispatch Center for Wales and Holland Police
2024.04.28 GraniteScanner
44.7400 S F-8 Formerly Auto Theft Strike Force 1 GATSF Disbanded late 2012, now used by C8 Regional Dispatch See C8 Towns for Confirmations
44.9000 S F-9 Formerly Auto Theft Strike Force 2 Inactive nothing ever heard but skip from down south.