Litchfield County CT Municipal & Utilities

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City/Town Department Frequency Type Tone Comments/Notes Confirmation/Reconfirmations
Barkhamsted DPW
Bethlehem DPW
Bridgewater DPW
Canaan DPW
Colebrook DPW
Cornwall DPW 156.1650 R D023 Also used by the Fire Department 2024.01.28 cg
Goshen DPW 156.0450 R D606 2024.01.28 cg
Harwinton DPW 155.0250 156.7 2024.01.28 cg
Kent DPW
Litchfield DPW 151.0400 R 110.9 2024.01.28 cg
Morris DPW 156.1050 R D072 also fireground 2024.01.28 cg
New Hartford DPW 155.8950 R 110.9 2020.01.19 cg
New Milford DPW 152.3150 R D315 2020.07.20 W1KNE
Norfolk DPW 152.4125 R D606 Public Works 2024.06.10 W1KNE
North Canaan DPW
Plymouth DPW
Roxbury DPW
Salisbury DPW 156.1800 R D174 Public Works 2024.03.11 W1KNE
Sharon DPW 151.3175 R C05 SL:1 TG:16777215 - Public Works (Licensed to FD, simulcasting PW) 2021.12.25 W1KNE
Sharon DPW 151.3925 R C05 SL:1 TG:16777215 - Public Works 2021.12.25 W1KNE
Thomaston DPW
Torrington DPW 151.0850 R D114 2024.01.28 cg
Warren DPW
Washington DPW 158.7750 R D343 also fireground 2020.01.19 cg
Watertown DPW
Winchester DPW 45.4400 103.5 2024.01.28 cg
Woodbury DPW