Kennebec County Municipal & Utilities

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  • Many smaller towns contract with private plowing companies for snow removal.
Community Department Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Fayette Highway Dept 159.1200 R
Waterville DPW 154.1000 114.8 Shared with Fire Dept
Winslow DPW 154.9650 179.9 Shared with Fire Dept
State Capitol Maintenance 155.8650 S 127.3 State Capitol Bldgs
Kennebec County EMA 155.8050 R D612 North
Kennebec County EMA 155.8050 R D712 Central
Kennebec County EMA 158.2350 R D123 South
Kennebec County EMA 155.8050 S Tac