Hampden County Police Departments

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Countywide Information

  • Departments use the WMLEC system for mutual aid.
  • Not all towns have full time police. Police services may be provided by the Massachusetts State Police on 800MHz or Low Band.
  • All departments are dispatched by their own towns unless noted (DB=Dispatched By)

Department Frequency Information

COMMUNITY FREQUENCY Type TONE NOTES ID Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Agawam PD 154.0925 R N186 Operations Units by car number 2021.03.07 W1KNE
Agawam PD2 155.7900 R 91.5 Secondary Likely also P25 2015.09.27 W1KNE
Blandford PD DB: Berkshire County
Brimfield PD MSP TRS T DB: MSP C-8 700s 2020.06.25 ecps92
Chester PD DB: SP Northampton
Chicopee PD Westcomm Regional Trunk T DB: WestComm - Operations See WestComm page for confirmation.
Chicopee PD 851.5625 R D155 DB: WestComm - Operations Phonetic Letter followed by number (i.e. Alpha one) 2020.02.22 W1KNE
Chicopee PD 853.5375 R D155 Records 2018.07.14 W1KNE
East Longmeadow 155.5500 R N114 DB: Westcomm - Operations 2020.02.22 W1KNE
Granville PD 151.2950 R D172 DB:Northampton SP, Shared with FD 822, 826 2020.02.22 W1KNE
Hampden PD 155.6025 R 91.5 Operations 2021.03.07 W1KNE
Hampden PD 154.8000 S 91.5 Tactical
Holland PD 44.7400 S 141.3 DB: MSP C-8, Shared with Wales PD 500s 2020.05.08 Rob
Holyoke PD 159.2100 R N023 Primary Operations F1 Digital 2021.04.04 W1KNE
Holyoke PD 158.9550 R N086 Data/Records F2 Digital (Mostly Encrypted) 2018.07.14 W1KNE
Holyoke PD 159.0900 S 114.8 Records F3
Holyoke PD 154.8825 R 114.8 Auxiliary Police 2017.03.18 unit7
Longmeadow PD Westcomm Regional Trunk T DB: WestComm - Operations See WestComm page for confirmation.
Longmeadow PD 460.4250 R 173.8 Old frequency, backup 2020.09.16 cg
Ludlow PD 453.2500 R C05 Operations SL: 1 TG: 1111 - Operations "L" (i.e.L13 etc) 2020.06.22 W1KNE
Monson PD 155.4900 R D331 DB:WestComm - Operations 2021.01.27 W1KNE
Montgomery PD DB: SP Northampton
Palmer PD 155.6700 R 118.8 Dispatch (WFM) 2021.03.07 W1KNE
Russell PD DB: SP Northampton
Southwick PD 154.8150 R 114.8 Operations Base ids as "551" (Based on call sign WNIT551) 2021.03.07 W1KNE
Springfield PD 460.1000 R N698 F1 (901) Primary Digital (Encrypted) 2019.02.16 W1KNE
Springfield PD 460.4500 R N698 F2 (902) Records Digital (Encrypted) 2016.11.05 Unit7
Springfield PD 460.5000 R N698 F3 (903) Secondary Digital (Encrypted) 2016.11.05 Unit7
Springfield PD 460.3875 S N698 F4 (904) Car to Car (Encrypted) 2016.11.05 Unit7
Springfield PD 460.1625 R N698 F6 (906) Detectives (Encrypted) 2019.02.16 W1KNE
Springfield PD 460.9750 R N698 F8 (908) Detectives/Community PD (Encrypted) 2018.01.23 ecps92
Springfield PD 460.0375 R N698 F13 (913)Downtown/Special (Encrypted) 2016.11.05 Unit7
Springfield PD 460.3000 R N156 -- Secure
Tolland PD DB: Berkshire County 166 2017.08.26 MrSvenSven
Tolland PD 155.9850 S 114.8 Shared with DPW 2013.12.15 Chris
Wales PD 44.7400 S 141.3 DB: MSP C-8, Shared with Holland PD 900s 2020.05.08 Rob
Wales PD 159.3825 R D532 TAC 2012.01.23 cmpsa
West Springfield PD 460.4125 R NE91 Operations (Encrypted) District, Unit or Post Number (i.e. District 6, 21 or Post 8) 2020.06.23 cg
West Springfield PD 852.7875 R 167.9 Operations Former 800 Primary. Replaced by UHF. 2020.06.23 cg
Westfield PD 859.9375 R N293 Dispatch Base identifies by either "499" or call sign WPQA499 2021.04.04 W1KNE
Westfield PD 858.2375 R N293 F2 Tactical/SOPS 2017.08.12 unit7
Westfield PD 853.2500 R N293 Detectives/Secondary 2015.05.18 W1KNE
Wilbraham PD 854.5375 R 100.0 Operations 2019.02.16 W1KNE