Grafton County Sheriff Department

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General Information

  • Grafton County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) opperates multiple repeaters all having an output on 154.770, but having different NAC's to each.
  • GCSO now opperates in APCO 25 Digital mode. All their primary repeaters (Cannon Mt, Tenney Mt, Moose Mt) still have analog technology as well with a PL of 136.5. Rarely you will hear units using analog if they are in a P25 "dead" spot. GCSO also operates on another repeater frequency (output 158.835). This is a Motorola Quantar Repeater located on Mt. Agassiz in Bethlehem. It is capable of P25 and analog transmissions. However 99% of radio traffic on this channel is Analog. The Alpha Tag for this channel is: "Grafton-North". Franconia, Sugar Hill, and Bethlehem PD share this channel.
  • Lisbon PD is the only department that is still 100% analog on 154.980.
  • GCSO dispatches sheriff's deputies and officers of the various communities as noted in Grafton County Police Departments

Frequency Information

Dispatch Centers / Repeaters Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Haverhill 154.7700 R N117 GCSO HQ
Plymouth 154.7700 R N117 GCSO 2019.07.07 ecps92
Plymouth 154.7700 R 136.5 GCSO 2013.07.28 ecps92
Waterville Valley 154.7700 R GCSO
Bethlehem 158.8350 R 179.9 GCSO North - Dual Mode 2014.07.12 ecps92
Bethlehem 158.8350 R N727 GCSO North - Dual Mode 2020.09.25 JBolduc
Plymouth 154.7550 R N417 South RCC 2021.07.29 lkh62
Plymouth 154.7550 R 156.7 South RCC
Littleton 155.3100 R N217 North RCC 2019.07.07 ecps92
Lebanon 155.7075 NAC ??? West RCC
Multiple Locations 453.0250 R Data Mobile Data Terminals
Multiple Locations 453.0500 R Data Mobile Data Terminals
Multiple Locations 460.1750 R Data Mobile Data Terminals 2019.07.07 ecps92