Cumberland County Sheriff Department

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Cumberland County Sheriffs Office.

  • Cumberland SO WebPage
  • Cumberland County Regional Communications Center (CCRCC) operates on a five site VHF narrow band- simulcast -3 channel radio system. Sites are: Gray, Casco, Harrison, Harpswell, and Downtown Portland, ME (2 recieve only sites at the RCC in Windham and in Baldwin).
  • Ch2 & Ch3 will be used by Police and Fire/EMS in the future. In the mean time they maybe used for County wide operations on request.
Channel Frequency Type Tone Use/Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
Ch.01 151.1075 R 107.2 Sheriffs Dept Ops 2023.05.20 lkh62
Ch.02 154.8750 R 107.2 Countywide Law Enforcement 2021.07.29 lkh62
Ch.03 155.6250 R 107.2 Countywide Fire / EMS 2021.07.29 lkh62
County Jail 453.0500 R C01 SL:1 TG:101 - Jail Operations 2022.11.11 jmarcel66