Commercial Trunks In Our Area

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Directory of Commercial and Private Trunks in Our Area

  • While the majority of these are in Massachusetts, some bridge multiple states.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Centers are in three New England states. None, however are trunked, but all are listed here.
  • Some businesses are using 900 ISM service. Please see our 900ISM page.

Leased Business Trunks

  • These are commercial trunk systems that have multiple users per system. They can include Ambulance, Refuse, Taxi, and Bus users amongst many others.
  • Information for these trunks is all "best guess" based on monitoring. They are not intended to be an official guide.
Trunks Network City/State(s) Flavor Notes
All-Comm Technologies Trunk MA DMR Capacity Plus
Applied Communications MA LTR Moving to DMR
BearCom 800 CAP+ trunk MA DMR Capacity Plus AKA Bear Communications
BearCom 900 DMR trunk Network 139 MA DMR Connect Plus Formerly Comtronics
BearCom UHF DMR trunk Network 137 MA DMR Connect Plus Formerly Comtronics
BearCom VHF DMR trunk Network 138 MA DMR Connect Plus Formerly Comtronics
BearCom RDC Trunk Network 178 MA, RI NEXEDGE 48 Formerly RDC Communications
Connecticut Radio CT DMR Capacity Plus Page not constructed (yet!) Coming Soon!
County Communications LTR MA, ME, NH LTR Migrating to NXDN
County Communications Network L90 MA, NH NEXEDGE 96 Includes MASCO (Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization)
Data Radio Management Company MA, NH DMR Capacity Plus
Dispatch Communications MA, NH LTR AKA Metro Repeater Service
Fleetwave Partners L111 VT, MA, NH, NY Nexedge 48
Industrial Communications and Electronics Trunk Network 134 MA, ME, NH, RI DMR Connect Plus Converting DMR Tier 3
Maine Radio Inc Network 149 ME DMR Connect Plus
MaineStream Solutions ME, NH IDAS
Marcus Spectrum Network 12 (DMR) CT, MA LTR, DMR TierIII, DMR XPT
One Voice Network 171 All New England and nearby New York. DMR Connect Plus Converting DMR Tier 3
Radio Communications Management ME DMR XPT Page not constructed (yet!) Coming Soon!
Radio-Phone Communications RI NEXEDGE 48
Tower Communications MA LTR

Private Business Trunks

  • These are individual owned trunks used by business entities.
Trunks Network City/State(s) Flavor Notes
American Airlines Boston, MA DMR Capacity Pluis
Amica Insurance Corp. Lincoln, RI DMR Capacity Plus
Biogen Inc Cambridge, MA DMR Capacity Plus Former LTR
Boston Marriott Quincy Quincy, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Boston Park Plaza Hotel Boston, MA DMR Capracity Plus
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute MA DMR Capacity Plus
DATTCO CT DMR Capacity Plus (Page under construction)
Dell EMC Trunk Network MA DMR Capacity Plus
Delta Airlines Logan Airport Trunk MA DMR Capacity Plus
DePuy Synthes Raynham & Bridgewater, MA DMR Capacity Plus
ESPN Bristol, CT Nexedge 48
Frito Lay Dayville (Killingly), CT Nexedge 96
General Dynamics Electric Boat CT, RI DMR Capacity Max
Gillette Stadium Foxboro, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Gordon Foods Taunton, MA DMR Capacity Plus
JetBlue Logan Airport MA DMR Tier III
New Bridge On Charles Dedham, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Raffles Boston Boston, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center Johnson, RI DMR Capacity Plus Quasi Public Landfill
Stratton Ski area VT trunk RI DMR Capacity Plus
Stop And Shop Warehouse Assonet (Freetown), MA DMR Capacity Plus
UMass Health Alliance Clinton, Fitchburg, Leominster, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Westin Copley Place Boston, MA DMR Capacity Plus