City Of Worcester

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City Of Worcester

  • Modified Worcester License with the P25 frequencies.
  • System is part of the larger CoMIRS State P25 system.
  • Site 001-0036 - 3 Simulcast Sites.
  • NAC D16
  • Talkgroups are a mix of Phase 1 (FDMA) and Phase 2 (TDMA)
  • Conventional Frequencies can be found on the appopriate Worcester County page.

Table of contents -

P25 Trunk Frequencies

Frequency Usage Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
858.1375 CC 1 Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
857.2625 CC 2 and Voice Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
856.8375 CC 3 and Voice Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
856.5125 CC 4 Phase 1
854.1375 Voice Phase 1
854.2125 Voice Phase 1
854.4625 Voice Phase 2 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
855.4875 ?
854.8875 Voice Phase 1
855.7125 Voice Phase 2 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
855.7375 Voice Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
855.9625 Voice Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob
856.2625 Voice Phase 1 2016.08.10 ST-Bob


Fire Department

  • Fire Response and other information can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • All Fire Talkgroups are TDMA (Phase II)
Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
4433 F1 FD Admin Typically used for companies on-the-air, not responding to incidents 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4435 F2 Fire OPS-A North End Multi Company Responses - Typically used if Car 3 assigned to the call 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4437 F3 Fire OPS B South End Multi Company Responses - Typically used if Car 4 assigned to the call 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4439 F4 Fire OPS C Single Company Response (ie: Medical, MVA, etc) - Patched to 460.0500 (DPL 051) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4441 F5 Fire OPS D 2016.08.10 WFD
4443 Dispatch Used to dispatch all calls:
Single tone - One Company or Message
Two tones - Multi Companies
Three tones - Reported Building Fires or SCUBA alerts
2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4451 Fire Prevention Fire Code Enforcement 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4445 TAC-10 Overflow Fireground channel 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4447 TAC-11 Training/Overflow Fireground channel 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4449 TAC-12 Overflow Fireground channel (Encrypted) 2019.03.28 W1KNE
4455 Shrewsbury Patch with Shrewsbury 154.2350 2021.01.16 AFD94
2509 FD8 Simulcast Mid-State Simulcast
Used for Inter-op purposes on 453.7500 / 31.1000
TG: 40144 on Analog Zone 8
2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
2507 FD7 Orange Patched to Fire District 7 (Orange) - 159.4575. 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
627 Fire Wide Area For use outside of Worc on the Commonwealths TRS Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.

The two fire simulcasts are not always active. The South County simulcast is active much more often. Fire alarm has the ability to patch these talkgroups to fireground channels.

Police Department

Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
4369 F1 East Dispatch Routes 1-10 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4371 F2 West Dispatch Routes 11-20 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4373 F3 CJIS Record Checks (ENC) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4375 F4 TRAFFIC Traffic Enforcement (ENC) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4377 F5 Talkaround ?? (ENC) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4379 F6 TAC-1 (ENC) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4393 F9 ?? (ENC) 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4589 SP Holden Tie 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
629 Police Wide Area For use outside of Worc on the Commonwealth TRS Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.


Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
4481 EMS Citywide Patched to 462.9500 MED-9 2020.04.11 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4485 WEMS 2 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4487 WEMS 3 2016.08.10 WFD
4489 CMED Interop 2016.08.10.WFD
631 Worcester EMS Wide Area For use outside of Worcester on the Commonwealth TRS Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.

Public Safety Talkgroups

Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
2111 C-PTL-1 MSP C Troop Patrol 1 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
2113 C-PTL-2 MSP C Troop Patrol 2 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
2115 C-PTL-3 MSP C Troop Patrol 3 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
2283 LPS-7 Local Public Safety 7 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
2285 LPS-8 Local Public Safety 8 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
2301 NB PD-1 New Braintree Regional PD-1 Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
625 Worcester EMA Wide Area Emergency Managment
For use outside of Worc on the Commonwealth TRS
Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.
691 DCR Fire 1 DCR Fire Towers Please see CoMIRS for Confirmation.

Citywide Talkgroups

Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
4353 Emergency Management 2016.03.31 ScanWorcester
4577 Event A
4579 Event B
4581 Event C
4583 911 Emergency 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4585 Fire / EMS / PD 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)

The Interagency talkgroup is primarily used for communication between FD and EMS or PD and EMS.
The events channels are in every PD and FD radio. (maybe more?)
The 911 Emergency talkgroup is in every city radio, as well as WRTA buses. It is monitored by a Fire Department dispatcher. It usually is used by DPW workers or WRTA drivers to report MVAs or medical emergencies. During a recent disaster drill it was used for communication between the dispatcher and incident commander.

Airport Talkgroups

Airport vehicles also have access to 120.5000 ORH Tower to talk to the tower while driving in/on the runway areas.

  • Some of these Talkgroups will also appear on the Massport-Boston Zone
Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
51 ORH Fire Department 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
179 ORH Security/ARFF 2016.09.11 mjd553
177 ORH Emergency 2016.08.01 WorcNews
183 ORH Maintenance 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
185 ORH Operations 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)

Public Works Talkgroups

  • All public works talkgroups are TDMA (Phase II).

Note there are numerous Talk Groups listed on other sites, most are inactive. It would take up too much space to list them all on this page. A lot of these TGs use informal communications (e.g. "Hey Bob!") and at the most refer to a "base" as dispatch (e.g. "Water Base"). Some of these TGs. have very brief communications and extreme bouts of inactivity. This is mainly due to the nature of their jobs not needing radio communications as much as public safety agencies, and the proliferation of cell phones for use by smaller city agencies.

Talkgroup Use Comments Confirmation/Reconfirmation
4513 DPW Snow Plows 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4515 DPW Garage 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4517 DPW Sewer Dept 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4519 DPW Street Dept 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4521 DPW Water Dept 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4523 DPW Engineering 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4525 DPW Water Filtration 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4527 DPW Sanitation 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4529 DPW Parking 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4531 DPW - Parks Maintenance 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)
4535 DPW Cemeteries 2016.04.20
4537 DPW Forestry 2016.04.20
4561 School Transport - A 2020.03.15 Sawyer100 (SNE Submitter)

Department Information

Fire Department Responses

Single company responses include: Medical Assists, Private Residential Alarms, Local Alarms, Brush Fires, Motor Vehicle accidents, Vehicle Fires, Spills, etc.

Multi Company Responses include:

  1. One Engine, One Ladder, the Rescue, and a district chief for: Smell of Natural Gas, Hazmat Situation, Elevator Problems, Accidents with Entrapment, etc
  2. Two Engines, One Ladder, and the District Chief for: Private Commercial Alarms, Boiler Problems, Electrical Problems, Stove Fires, other appliance fires (driers, etc), some Master Boxes, etc.
  3. Two Engines, One Ladder, rescue and the District chief response on most master boxes.
  4. Two Engines for: Medical call or Motor Vehicle accident on I290. Two engines sent in order to have one come each direction in case the location was given incorrectly.

Reported building fires get a response of Four Engines, Two Ladders, the Rescue, a district Chief, and an additional Ladder for RIT.
Subsequent Alarms:
2nd Alarm: 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, Special Ops District Chief, Safety Officer, District Chief
3rd Alarm: 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, Field Communications, Notification of Department Chief and Deputy Chief
4th Alarm: 2 Engines
5th Alarm: 2 Engines
6th Alarm: 2 Engines

Common mutual aid is an Engine and Tower from Auburn, Tower from Holden, Engine from Millbury, Engine from Shrewsbury, and an Engine from Paxton. This mutual aid does not normally occur until at least a fourth alarm. City companies are moved up before mutual aid is called in.

EMS Responses and Information

Ambulance service in the City of Worcester is provided by Worcester EMS aka UMass EMS. They operate on 462.950 110.9 with Paramedics 1 through 5 providing primary coverage to the city. P1, P2, P3, P4, P6 (Shrewsbury 911 truck) are 24 hours per day, and P5 is 1000-2200 Friday through Monday, 1000-0200 (in two, eight-hour shifts) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Backup coverage is provided by various private companies.

Primary operations are on the city P25 trunk system.