Cape Cod Airshow

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Cape Cod Airshow 2007 August 25-26 At Otis ANGB.


Otis ANGB Frequencies

Frequency Usage Comments/Mode
121.0000 Otis Tower Otis VHF Tower
121.6000 Otis Ground Otis VHF Ground
294.7000 Otis Tower Otis UHF Tower
275.8000 Otis Ground Otis UHF Ground

USAF ThunderBirds Frequencies

Frequencies in Bold were confirmed 8/24/07, during a Pre-Airshow practice

Frequency Usage Comments/Mode
140.2000 Diamond Formation AM Mode
141.8500 Diamond Formation AM Mode PRIMARY AIR-AIR/#1 Jet
143.8500 Air to Air AM Mode
322.9500 Solos AM Mode 5-6 Jets
235.2500 Boss (#1 Jet) AM Mode
141.4000 Diamond AM Mode
269.9000 Control/Boss AM Mode
413.0250 Ground Support Ch. 1 FM Mode
413.1000 Ground Support Ch. 2 FM Mode
216.9275 PA Link FM Mode

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