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Beardsley Zoo, Bridgeport

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
151.6625 R D627 Maintenance (WQOY538) 2023.04.24 W1KNE

Connecticut Convention Center

  • Largest Convention Center between NYC and Boston.
  • System is a Capacity Plus DMR trunked system CT Convention Center

Dunkin' Donuts Park, Hartford

Dunkin' Donuts Park is a 6,056-seat baseball park in Hartford, Connecticut. It was planned to host the Hartford Yard Goats of the Eastern League when the 2016 season started on April 7, but numerous constructions delays postponed this opening and forced the Yard Goats to play the entire season on the road. The stadium opened for the team's 2017 home opener on April 13.

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
464.5500 S 250.3 Yard Goats Baseball Operations/Concessions/Security 2017.07.15 W1KNE
451.5875 R DMR
462.4625 R DMR

Enfield 4th of July

  • It is organized/run by a 501(c)(3) corp. independent from the town in terms of booking music acts, concessions, etc., with the exception of the agreement(s) they have in place for use of the town green, police, DPW, etc.
  • Police on the green and immediate vicinity are usually found on 460.6125 131.8pl "Townwide Interop".
  • Police Traffic details during peak times are usually found on 460.200 N E50 "Ch. 2 Secondary"
  • The primary EPD Dispatch channel 460.550 N E49, is normally reserved for all other calls, but may also see use during slow times.
  • Fire and EMS may initially operate on their respective Dispatch or Tac channels, but can also be heard on "Townwide Interop" for coordination on the town green or traffic when needed.
  • Please see the Hartford County Police, and Hartford County Fire pages for more information and confirmation.
Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
464.7625 R 114 DPL Operations/Concessions (WQST303) 2023.07.08 matt04 (SNE Submitter)
456.8250 S 152 DPL Operations (WQST303) 2023.07.08 matt04 (SNE Submitter)

Foxwoods Resort and Casino

  • Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation CT

Lake Compounce, Bristol

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
464.4250 R 110.9 Ch-1 Public Safety & EMS
464.4750 R 203.5 Ch-2 Park Ops [Rides & Admin]
452.0125 R 71.9 Concessions & Live Shows
FRS/GMRS Life Guards

Lime Rock Park, Lakeville

Frequency Type Tone Company Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
158.3400 S BMW Car Club of America Connecticut Valley Chapter .
159.5850 S BMW Car Club of America Connecticut Valley Chapter
160.0200 S BMW Car Club of America Connecticut Valley Chapter
160.1850 S BMW Car Club of America Connecticut Valley Chapter
462.0375 S GOTO: Racing Fabrication
462.1125 S GOTO: Racing Fabrication
462.1875 S GOTO: Racing Fabrication
462.4000 S GOTO: Racing Fabrication
462.5125 S GOTO: Racing Fabrication
456.3000 S McLeod Enterprises
456.3500 S McLeod Enterprises
451.3500 R SpeedCam Inc
451.8250 R SpeedCam Inc
461.0750 R SpeedCam Inc
461.1250 R SpeedCam Inc
461.1500 R SpeedCam Inc
461.2250 R SpeedCam Inc
461.2500 R SpeedCam Inc
461.3000 R SpeedCam Inc
461.4000 R SpeedCam Inc
461.4750 R SpeedCam Inc
461.6250 R SpeedCam Inc
461.6500 R SpeedCam Inc
461.8250 R SpeedCam Inc
461.9500 R SpeedCam Inc
462.1500 R SpeedCam Inc
462.2250 R SpeedCam Inc
462.2500 R SpeedCam Inc
462.4250 R SpeedCam Inc
463.2125 R SpeedCam Inc
463.2625 R SpeedCam Inc
463.2875 R SpeedCam Inc
463.3125 R SpeedCam Inc
463.3250 R SpeedCam Inc
463.4875 R SpeedCam Inc
463.5000 R SpeedCam Inc
463.5750 R SpeedCam Inc
463.7125 R SpeedCam Inc
463.7500 R SpeedCam Inc
463.8125 R SpeedCam Inc
463.8500 R SpeedCam Inc
464.0250 R SpeedCam Inc
464.1250 R SpeedCam Inc
464.2000 R SpeedCam Inc
464.3500 R SpeedCam Inc
464.4000 R SpeedCam Inc
464.5750 R SpeedCam Inc
464.6750 R SpeedCam Inc

Mohawk Mountain Ski Area

  • Located in Cornwall, CT.
  • Ski Area in Litchfield County on one of Connecticut's Highest Peaks
  • Official Website
  • KNIF384
Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
152.3600 R C10 SL:1 TG:16777215 - Office Operations 2023.03.20 W1KNE
152.3600 R C10 SL:2 TG:16777215 - Ski Patrol 2023.03.20 W1KNE

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino is located within the town of Montville, CT (New London County). They offer casino gaming, a high-rise hotel, a concert venue/sports arena and various support facilities. Mohegan Sun has their own police & fire/EMS services as well as security, maintenance, logistics and other support staff.

Mohegan Sun Conventional Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
33.0400 S 179.9 FD/EMS Dispatch off trunked system See New London County Fire for confirmations.

Mystic Aquarium, Mystic

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
451.9500 R
461.1125 S
461.2125 S
461.2500 S
461.3125 S
464.8625 R D465 2013.11.13

Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
464.5750 103.5 Security 2013.11.13

Rentschler Field

  • See also Rentschler Field
  • East Hartford, CT, UCONN Huskies Football Stadium
  • Hytera XPT (DMR) radio system for Stadium Operations including Parking, Concession, Guest Relations, Maintenance, Etc
  • Connecticut State Police, responsible for highway traffic and player/staff security, uses mobile radio site known as ERV 1 or 2, Site# 13 or 14. Talkgroups used are ERV Special Events talkgroups
  • East Hartford FD/EMS uses FD Admin/Stadium Ops channel for coordination. 453.8500 PL 82.5

Stafford Motor Speedway

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
452.4875 D734 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
458.7625 D446 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
460.5375 107.2 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
461.6375 D516 SRX Race Control 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
463.8250 D032 possibly a Driver/Spotter 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
464.2875 203.5 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
464.5000 100.0 SMS Race Control & Safety Teams 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
464.5500 114.8 SMS Channel 2 Security(?) 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
464.8625 103.5 2022.07.03 JMarcel66
469.8375 233.6 SRX Operations / Pace Car 2022.07.03 JMarcel66

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
464.5000 S D423 Ch 1 Race Control/Flagging & Communications 2023.08.12 gillham
459.6125 S D423 Ch 2 Track Fire/ Rescue 2022.04.09 sawyer100
460.0375 S D423 Ch 3 Admin/Concessions 2022.04.09 sawyer100
460.3125 S D423 Ch 4 Security 2022.04.09 sawyer100
469.9000 S D423 old Ch 4 Security 2017.10.01 cmpsa
461.2000 S D432 Ch 5 NASCAR 2022.04.09 sawyer100
464.6000 S D631 Ch 6 NASCAR BU 2022.04.09 sawyer100
451.2250 S D346 Ch 7 NASCAR 5 2022.04.09 sawyer100
452.8125 S D516 Ch 8 Modified Racing Series 2022.04.09 sawyer100
451.9250 S D047 Ch 9 Granite State Pro Stock 2022.04.09 sawyer100
469.9000 S D423 Ch 10 Private 2022.04.09 sawyer100

Ski Sundown

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
152.8925 R 67.0 Operations 2022.01.26 Friends of W1KNE
159.4425 R 67.0 Ski Patrol 2022.01.26 Friends of W1KNE
154.5150 S

XL Center

  • Hartford, CT Arena and Events
  • Formerly Hartford Civic Center
  • XL Center Arena

Xfinity Theatre, Hartford

Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Ch.01 Management
Ch.02 Security
Ch.03 Medical
Ch.04 Production
Ch.05 Maintenance and Cleaners
Ch.06 Guest Services
Ch.07 Parking
Ch.08 Legends
Ch.09 Warehouse
Ch.10 Alcohol Compliance
Ch.11 Transportation
Ch.12 Spare
Ch.13 Spare
Ch.14 Spare
Ch.15 Spare