Bristol County RI Police Departments

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Countywide Information


  • Towns in Bristol County RI are covered by RISCON-South
INTERCITY CHANNEL Frequency Tone NOTES Confirmation/Reconfirmation
RI PD Intercity 158.9700 CSQ1 STATEWIDE 2021.05.20 ecps92

1- This channel is officially CSQ, however some departments show up with a PL/DPL when they transmit on it, there is no official PL tone.

Town Name Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Reconfirmation
Barrington 155.4900 R 114.8 Operations 2021.07.05 W1KNE
Bristol 155.1300 R C12 SL:1 TG:268 - Operations (Encryption capable, but operations in the clear.) 2021.01.04 W1KNE
Bristol 155.1300 R C12 SL:2 TG:271 - Channel 2 (Encrypted) 2020.07.01 trp
Bristol 453.2000 R C03 SL:2 TG:15 - Parades / Special Ops / Details 2021.07.05 trp/W1KNE
Warren 155.3700 R C06 SL:1 TG:10 - Operations (Fully Encrypted) 2021.07.05 W1KNE