Bristol County RI Fire Departments

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Countywide Information

Town Name Freq. Type Tone/TG District/Notes Confirmation/Reconfirmation
Barrington 153.9500 S 167.9 Former East Bay fire (Also Warren FD F2) 2023.01.01 W1KNE
Barrington RISCON T TG: 1712 See RISCON for Confirmation.
Barrington RISCON T TG: 1713 Fireground See RISCON for Confirmation.
Barrington 158.9400 S CSQ Fireground
Bristol 154.1450 R 114.8 Dispatch/Operations (Also repeats fireground) 2023.01.01 W1KNE
Warren 159.3600 R D431 Dispatch/Operations 2023.01.01 W1KNE