Boston Police Department

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Channel Frequency Type Tone Use Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Boston PD Ch.1 460.3500 R D315 Special Events/Training 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.2 460.4500 R D331 Downtown/Charlestown/East Boston 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.3 460.2250 R D343 Roxbury/Mattapan 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.4 460.4000 R D346 Jamaica Plain /Hyde Park/West Roxbury/Roslindale 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.5 460.5000 R D351 Back Bay/South End/Allston/Brighton 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.6 460.1750 R D364 South Boston/Dorchester 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.7 460.3000 R D365 Car/Car 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.8 460.1250 R D371 Nova Base / CJIS-NCIC 2022.01.02 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.9 460.0750 R D411 Detectives / Invest 1 2022.01.02 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.10 460.2500 R D412 Command / Invest 2 2022.01.02 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.11 460.3750 R N445 Detectives (Partial Encryption) 2022.07.30 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.12 460.0500 R D464 Special Ops / MOP 2022.01.02 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.13 460.1500 R D465 Detectives / DCU 2021.02.17 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.14 460.2750 R D466 All City Agencies Interop 2019.04.15 ecps92
Boston PD Ch.15 460.4750 R N503 Command Encrypted 2015.09.11 N1BHH
Boston PD Ch.16 460.0250 R D506 Telecommunications Divison, Boston Rptr 2016.01.07 N1BHH
Boston PD Ch.16 460.0250 R N506 Telecommunications Divison, Boston Rptr 2022.03.20 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.16 471.0875 R D506 Telecommunications Division, Kingston Rptr
Boston PD Ch.16 471.0875 R N??? Telecommunications Division, Kingston Rptr
Area Wide Ch.17 470.7875 R 131.8 Area Wide 3 See BAPERN for confirmation.
Area Wide Ch.18 470.5625 R 131.8 Area Wide 4 See BAPERN for confirmation.
No. TAC Ch.19 470.4875 R 131.8 North TAC See BAPERN for confirmation.
So. TAC Ch.20 470.9125 R 131.8 South TAC See BAPERN for confirmation.
West TAC Ch.21 470.7375 R 131.8 West TAC See BAPERN for confirmation.
Cent. TAC Ch.22 470.9875 R D654 Central TAC See BAPERN for confirmation.
Boston PD Ch.24 460.4250 R D423 Unknown usage as of yet 2013.02.26 N1BHH and ScanBoston
Boston PD Ch.? 460.4250 R N546 Unknown usage, Encrypted 2014.10.03 N1BHH
Boston PD Ch.25 453.3500 R D532 Housing Police 2022.05.30 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.26 453.2000 R D565 School Police 2022.01.21 W1KNE
Boston PD Ch.27 453.3000 R D606 Public Health Commission Police 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Ch.35 158.9100 R D612 VHF Federal InterOp 2022.01.29 ecps92
Ch.36 471.0125 R 131.8 tie to Brookline PD
Ch.?? MBTA Police 470.6625 R 131.8 tie to Transit Police Ch.01 See MBTA PD section for reconfirmation.
Ch.?? VHF Paging 159.2100 S CSQ Boston PD Paging 2021.01.30 ecps92
Boston Harbor Maritime Response 154.1750 R N606 Patched VHF Boston Harbor Maritime Response Channel (MRC) with COMIRS TG:269 2022.04.27 ecps92/kennyblues
Boston Harbor Maritime Response 460.2000 R N343 Patched UHF Boston Harbor Maritime Response Channel (MRC) with COMIRS TG:269 2022.04.27 ecps92/kennyblues

  • Chelsea, Revere & Winthrop are also Suffolk County.