Berkshire County Sheriff Department

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The primary mission of the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office is to "Protect the public from criminal offenders by operating a safe, secure and progressive correctional facility while committing to crime prevention awareness in the community".

Frequency Type Tone Usage Confirmation/ReConfirmations
851.0500 R 107.2 Berkshire Jail & House of Correction Ops 1 2012.05.24 jeffkett
852.8875 R 118.8 Berkshire Jail & House of Correction Ops 2 2012.05.24 jeffkett
853.5000 R ? Berkshire Jail & House of Correction
MSP Trunk T TG 37040 Statewide Correctional Facility Transportation

The Berkshire Sheriff's Office operates a regional Dispatch Center for the local municipalities. Click the Fire and Police links below for info.