Berkshire County Police Departments

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Countywide Information

  • Countywide dispatching is done from the "Berkshire Sheriffs Control" located in Pittsfield unless otherwise noted below
  • Not all towns have full time police. Police services may be provided by the Massachusetts State Police on the CoMIRS trunk. Low Band use has been pretty much phased out.
  • Berkshire County will use the Great Barrington frequency to dispatch towns in far southern Berkshire County from atop Warner Mountain in Great Barrington. Great Barrington uses the frequency for local police dispatching, and to communicate with surrounding towns, however Great Barrington police operate from the roof of Fairview Hospital, and not the Warner Mountain site.
  • Egremont has the ability to communicate with the nearby Columbia County Sheriff's Dispatch, and is identified on their frequency with the same ID as they use in Berkshire County. The Columbia County Sheriff also responds to calls in the town of Mount Washington.
  • 154.7400 is now the county primary and is repeated.
  • There are WMLEC repeaters in the area as well.
  • At one point, there was construction of a new UHF radio system, however it appears construction has stopped and the system is unused except for the BOLOs.
Usage Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Countywide Dispatch 154.7400 R D412 Primary Operations 2022.01.01 W1KNE
South County Operations 155.7750 S 107.2 See note above 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Countywide UHF 460.3875 S 107.2 BOLOs, otherwise rarely used 2018.06.30 W1KNE
Columbia County (NY) Sheriff 155.4300 R 146.2 Confirmation of radio traffic btwn Egremont and CCSO 2021.07.22 jeffkett
Countywide PD Intercity 154.7400 S 107.2 May be replaced by above change. 2014.08.06 W1KNE

Departments dispatched on above channels

Town Unit Numbers/MSP Patrol Notes Confirmation
Alford Yes-B1
Becket 847, 848
Cheshire 3130, 3131 2021.11.18 MrSvenSven
Egremont 538, 838, 1538
Florida Yes-B4
Hancock Yes-B4
Lanesborough 440 - 445 2021.11.18 MrSvenSven
Lee 900-910 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Lenox 872-874 2022.01.01 W1KNE
Monterey 1250, 1260, 1270 Occasional dispatch by Great Barrington 2020.02.22 W1KNE
Mount Washington Yes-B1
New Ashford Yes-B4
New Marlboro 2517, Yes-B1 2021.11.18 MrSvenSven
Otis 476, 733, Yes-B1
Peru Yes-B4
Richmond Yes-B1
Sandisfield Yes-B1
Savoy Yes-B4
Sheffield 401-404, 7244 2021.02.21 W1KNE
Stockbridge 822-823 2021.02.21 W1KNE
Tyringham Yes-B1
Washington Yes-B4
West Stockbridge 305, 358


Departments dispatched on local channels

Town Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation
ADAMS 155.1300 R 107.2 County/Self Dispatch 2020.02.22 W1KNE
DALTON 154.8750 S 107.2 Self Dispatched 2020.06.22 W1KNE
GREAT BARRINGTON 155.7750 S 107.2 Local Dispatch, Callsign "Central" (Confirmation of GB dispatch) 2022.01.01 W1KNE
HINSDALE 154.7250 R D413 DB:Dalton 2022.04.04 W1KNE
LEE 154.7550 R 107.2 Local Operations 2017.08.07 W1KNE
NORTH ADAMS 156.2100 R 118.8 Local Dispatch/Operations 2022.04.04 W1KNE
PITTSFIELD 154.8000 R D172 Local Dispatch/Operations 2019.02.16 W1KNE
PITTSFIELD 155.0700 R 118.8 Alternate Dispatch/Operations (Primary since 2020.02.24) 2022.04.04 W1KNE
SHEFFIELD 154.9500 S 107.2 Secondary Use (also by FD)
SHEFFIELD 154.7850 S 107.2 Secondary Use (Occasional Use, also used by FD) 2020.02.22 W1KNE
WILLIAMSTOWN 155.2500 R 107.2 Self Dispatched 2017.11.25 MrSvenSven
WINDSOR 155.7150 R 192.8 DB:Dalton (Shared with FD) 2017.07.29 MrSvenSven