Barnstable County Sheriff Department

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The Barnstable County Sheriffs Office primarily uses the State Police Trunk system for their Operations, but still use VHF Channel 1 for general broadcasts and back-up operations.

To receive these talkgroups you must program the MSP Zone 04 trunked radio system into your scanner. Check the Massachusetts State Police for frequency details.

Use Talkgroup/Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
BCSO Operations 38736 T --- On the MSP system 2021.07.02 jeffkett
BCSO B'Casts/Intercity 38800 T --- On the MSP system 2023.01.01 W1KNE
POLICE TAC-1 851.8125 146.2 County-Wide 1
POLICE TAC-2 851.0625 146.2 County-Wide 2

VHF System

Use Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
VHF COUNTY CH.1 155.5650 S 110.9 Simulcasts GBC's only 2020.04.23 Friend of SNE / ecps92
VHF COUNTY CH.2 155.7000 S 110.9
VHF COUNTY CH.3 155.6400 S 110.9
VHF COUNTY CH.4 155.5200 S 110.9

Correctional Facility

The Barnstable County Correctional Facility went online 10/1/2004 in its new facility just outside of the main entrance to the Massachusetts Military Reservation in Bourne, MA. This is located just off of the Otis Rotary on Route 28 when you come southbound from the Bourne Bridge.
With the implementation of this new facility an entirely new radio system has been introduced. It uses narrowband VHF-HI (7.5 KHz steps) and is analog, not P25 digital. The callsign is WQAE572. The following are frequencies licensed for the facility as found at the FCC website.
Note: This is a LOW POWER radio system. Repeater outputs were last known to be only 15 watts. You will hear this system if you are in the mid and upper Cape Cod areas, and perhaps in extreme southeastern mainland Massachusetts.

Use Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
CH.? 151.0925 R 173.8 Maintenance
CH.? 154.1825 R 114.8 Operations 2020.11.04 JBP
CH.? 154.9575 R 103.5 Poss Prisoner Movements
CH.? 155.7600 R 127.3 Unk, Used but not licensed
CH.? 155.7750 R Unk, Licensed but not used