Aroostook County Sheriff Department

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Aroostook County Sheriff

The Sheriff's Department mission is to provide interaction with the community, other departments and agencies. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring a cost effective operation for the taxpayers of Aroostook County while promoting the preservation of law and order. The Sheriff's Department enhances public safety in rural areas not primarily served by other police agencies, providing aid and assistance to the public as well as to other agencies. The Patrol Division investigates all reports of criminal activity reported to the Sheriff's Office, as well as routine traffic incidents. The Transportation Division provides for prisoner security outside the jail facility and transportation to and from the courts. The Correctional Division is responsible for the care and detention of prisoners sentenced to terms of less than nine months. The Sheriff's Department also handles all civil process as well as other court mandates.


Frequency Alpha Tag Type Tone Use/Notes Confirmed/Re-Confirmed
155.1000 Sheriff Ops R 141.3 ASO Central 2022.07.11 LTE4NFD
155.8725 Sheriff Ops R
155.9025 Sheriff & Fire Ops North R 141.3 2022.07.10 LTE4NFD
460.2500 UHF Link S
465.2500 UHF Link S